The Daily Aggie :: 11/14/07 :: Afternoon Update

Just a quick reminder for everyone that tonight's game against UC-Davis will be available on AggieVision in the AggieVision viewing area. Also, the Lady Aggie Volleyball Tailgaters, led by our very own volleyball expert Mel, have their own website. Check it out at

Here are a few links to get you through the afternoon and up to game time.

Adam Rank at AOL Fanhouse writes that the Herb Pope eligibility situation is another Duke conspiracy. (Thanks Roberto)

Perry Missner of ranks Herb Pope as the #1 Mid-Major freshman in 2007. (Thanks Roberto)

The Sports Network previews tonight's game between the NMSU Aggies and the UC-Davis Aggies along with their prediction. They predict an NMSU victory by a margin of 78-65.

The Sports Network previews the other Aggies vs. Aggies matchup this week. This time it's on the gridiron and it's NMSU vs. Utah State. Their prediction: NMSU 35, USU 23.

Ann Miller of the Honolulu Advertiser writes that Utah State's three game sweep over Hawai'i in Hawai'i was no fluke. She writes, "News of Utah State's audacious volleyball sweep of 10th-ranked Hawai'i spread at the warp speed of live statistics, text messaging and email across the Western Athletic Conference Sunday night.

The general reaction, in a two-word nutshell uttered by one coach: "Holy ----!"

That was pretty much our reaction when we found out. So Hawai'i has lost two matches in the past 10 years in the WAC, both of them to teams with the nickname Aggies. What are the odds?

Totally unrelated to anything NMSU, Lipscomb's women's basketball team destroyed Fisk by a score of 123-22. You read that right, 123-22. And that's not even the record for the largest margin of victory in a women's Division I game. That honor goes to Grambling who beat Jarvis Christian by 102 points on February 12, 1986.

It's pretty safe to say there's no mercy rule in women's college basketball.

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