Maggi Jo Keffury's Aggie Volleyball Diary :: October 2nd, 2012

Aggie Fans!

This last week was a bit of an interesting one as we had an out of conference away match against UTEP on Wednesday and then back on our home court on Saturday as we played Denver. We received a victory over Denver but unfortunately lost to our rivals in five sets. The match against UTEP was a bit of a disappointing one considering we did not perform at a high level.

Pretty much everything we didn't want to do, we did in that match. We couldn't get any sort of rhythm going, and we had a rough time at all areas of the court. After the match Coach Jordan came into the locker room to talk to us and as you could probably guess it didn't go too well. We as a team had to learn that we cannot depend on only a handful of people to get the job done for us, it has to be every single person working together in order to succeed. That match proved that statement. We had to also learn that when our teammates are struggling there has to be other people on the court to make up for it and step up when that time comes.

With that in mind we were able to overcome a devastating loss beating Denver in three. I think it showed greatness in our character being able to bounce back after losing to UTEP. However, there is ALWAYS room for improvement and we continue to struggle with certain parts of our game every day. That is why so much focus and discipline has to be a part of our mindset in practice so that those weakness can eventually go away.

We hope to make strides in the right direction as we head into the weekend for our two away matches. Wish us luck and we can't wait to see all of your faces soon!

All the best, 

Maggi Jo Keffury #5