Jordan Bostic's Aggie Volleyball Diary :: November 19th, 2007

Jordan Bostic's Aggie Volleyball Diary :: November 19th, 2007

Well, I am exhausted!

The last two weeks have been very emotional, to say the least. It all started when I began to think about Senior Night. Ever since I watched Senior Night during my freshman season, I have looked forward to it. Our program does an awesome job honoring our seniors, and the fans, players and coaches always make the seniors feel extremely loved and appreciated. Our Senior Night was no different.

I woke up that morning feeling very weird. I was a mish-mash of emotions. On the one hand, I was excited for the seniors to have our special moment. On the other hand, it was overwhelming to think of it being our last time playing in the Pan Am as Aggies. I spoke with the other seniors about it, and they all said they woke up feeling strange as well.

The underclassmen went all out for us to commemorate Senior Night, and it was so awesome! They decorated the locker room with streamers and there were homemade posters wishing all the seniors luck above our respective lockers. In our lockers were a bouquet a flowers, a special t-shirt, a personalized scrapbook and a bag of Hershey’s kisses. I even got a Marshalls gift card from Krystal, who knows that I practically live there! By the time the night ended, we all had three bouquets of flowers (my house has never been this fragrant!) and enough goodies that we needed extra sets of hands to help us to our cars after the match.

The t-shirts and the scrapbook have become a tradition for the seniors at NMSU. This year’s t-shirts were crimson with hot pink lettering and said “Pretty in Crimson: Senior Night 2007.” The back of the shirt listed each senior’s name and jersey number. Even though they accidentally spelled my name wrong ( it’s Bostic, not Bastic!), I absolutely loved the shirt. However, the scrapbook was my most precious gift. In it, each one of the girls made a special page, recounting memories and funny stories from my time at NMSU. We seniors started to read them before the match but we had to stop because we all starting tearing up, and we needed to focus on the game.

Playing in the game on Senior Night was the most fun I have had all year. Coach let me play front row, and it was so, so, so fun for me! We were all relaxed and enjoying ourselves, and several fans commented to me after the game that it was great to see us smiling so much. The ceremony afterward was amazing, especially the surprise slideshow and the hilarious blooper reel. I had a hard time keeping my emotions in check, but I managed to get through my long list of thank you’s.

Sometimes when you play a sport, you get caught up in thinking about yourself- how much playing time you get, what coach yelled at you, how another player gets to do something you don’t. Senior Night made me aware of how much bigger volleyball is at NMSU than just one individual. I realized how much people really do love to watch our team play and how much it means to them when we try our hardest and play well. Our fans are some of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met, and it’s humbling to hear them say that they appreciate you. To everyone that cheers us on, I want you to know that our whole team appreciates you more than we can ever express. What we have at NMSU is incredibly special, and as I move on to other things in my life, I will always cherish the relationship we had with our fans.

After that emotional roller coaster, it was back to serious, serious business: the WAC Tournament. It was so wonderful to be hosting and playing in front of our fans. We had a fabulous banquet at the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum that I think all the teams enjoyed. Helen of Troy, one of the sponsors, gave every girl an incredibly generous goodie bag that included a blow dryer, a hair straightener, a curling iron and other hair and skin products. It felt like Christmas!

As for the games, we did our job and made it to the final against Hawaii, just like we hoped. The championship match was another doozy (seems to be a trend when we face off with the Wahine). Each team made some spectacular plays and competed at a super-high level. At one point, I was literally shaking because my adrenaline was pumping so hard. Speaking of pumping, I managed to strain a muscle while executing a lunging fist pump after Kim Oguh made a huge kill. How funny is that? What can I say, I get pretty into it!

In the end, it didn’t really come down to the spectacular plays. It came down to taking care of the easy ball, and Hawaii edged us out in that category. Congrats to Hawaii, and good luck in the NCAA Tourney. As for us, we will have to wait until Sunday to see our fate in the 64-team tournament. This year is time for us to make NMSU history and go further into the tournament than ever before. With everyone’s support, I know we can do it. GO AGGIES!!!