Maggi Jo Keffury's Aggie Volleyball Diary :: October 9th, 2012

So...this last week: Utah State and San Jose State. If you haven't already heard, we lost to Utah State in three and beat San Jose State in four. Utah State was our first loss in conference play and it was definitely a devastating one. It was our worst match played all season long up to this point.

As I've been stating in past blogs we win matches yes, but continue to make crucial mistakes that lead us to not sweeping teams like we are capable of. The mistakes that we make have to do with the same issues that occurred from the beginning of season. There hasn't been a distinct change in those bad habits and that is why we lost to Utah State. The things we've struggled with thus far,occurred all at once and throughout the entire three sets in Utah. This made for a very frustrating loss.

However, the week wasn't over and as a team we had to come together and forget about the past in order to get a win against San Jose State. During that match we played great for stretches and that was very exciting to see. Only a handful of plays in that match reflected the poor mistakes that we've struggled with before.

Going in to practice this week Coach was big on telling us we needed to hold each other accountable at a higher level of play out on the court. This means we can't all be "best buds" out there when we play. If we want to get better we have to demand more from each other, especially more than we have been doing. With that we will perform better as a team.

Today's (Tuesday) practice was the best practice we've had all season and that was due to the high competitiveness that we left out on the court. There was way more communication and our expectations were raised for the teammates surrounding us. That led to us playing with such intensity and willingness to succeed and keep the ball off the ground. It truly was fun to be a part of. We hope to continue that level of play throughout the week and into the two matches we have ahead.

We expect wins and wins are what we will get if we play at this high level. We look forward to seeing you all! Have a GREAT week and GO AGGIES!

Maggi Jo Keffury #5