Maggi Jo Keffury's Aggie Volleyball Diary :: October 25th, 2012

Aggie Fans!
Last week we were on the road competing against UTA and La Tech. Our loss to UTA was disappointing and it showed how we can't succeed while making the same mistakes over and over again.

Absolutely mistakes will happen but there has to be a time where our team will make one mistake and then overcome it with the next play. By that I mean that we cannot dwell on the previous play and an urge to bounce back right away has to be our mentality.

Points in bunches for the other team is what we struggle with, and our lack of ability to get "out of our heads" when we makes mistakes is one of our main problems. If we would just make a few less errors or make a few more plays to help us win rallies we would be able to win most of the games that we have lost this season.

On a more positive note, we came together as a team and defeated La Tech. It was great to see us playing more collectively and more in rhythm. This then carried over to our match vs. UNM as we swept our rivals!

As for the past few matches it has appeared that we have taken positive strides with each game we've played. We hope to carry that same quality of play as we go to compete against Denver on Saturday. Wish us luck and we will see you all next week as we have three matches at home!
All the best,
Maggi Jo Keffury #5