The Daily Aggie :: 11/22/07 :: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday with your family and friends or whomever you're spending the day with.

Be sure to check out this week's interview with women's basketball head coach Darin Spence.

In honor of this being Thanksgiving, we'd like to share what we here at The Daily Aggie are thankful for.

WAC Trophy
We're thankful for championships...

Reggie Theus
And we're thankful for the coach who brought us the championsip.

Darin Spence
We're also thankful for the coaches who come oh so close to championships.

Mike Jordan
We're thankful for the coach who's program has been a consistent source of pride.

Jordan Bostic
And we're thankful for his players who make it so easy to cheer for them.

Chase Holbrook
We're thankful for record setting quarterbacks.

Chris Williams
And we're thankful for big play receivers.

Hal Mumme
And we're thankful for the coach who brought them and the Air Raid here.

White Out
We're thankful for White Outs

And of course we're thankful for the Sundancers.

Pistol Pete
We're thankful they decided to give Pete his guns back.

We're thankful for one of the coolest new pregame traditions in college football.

The Jumbotron
We're thankful for the Jumbotron at Aggie Memorial.

Basketball Jumbotron
And we're thankful for the Jumbotron in the Pan Am.

But most of all we're thankful for The Daily Aggie Wife who loves the Aggies almost as much as we do!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and GO AGGIES!

P.S. We'll return on Friday with links!