Lauren Loerch's Aggie Volleyball Diary :: September 27th, 2013

Hey there Aggie fans!

The Aggie volleyball team traveled to Edinburg, Texas to compete in our first conference match of this 2013 season and we won!! This season so far has been pretty rocky and definitely a learning experience. We played some great teams in our preseason and win or lose, each match has taught us something different. While we learn from the past, we also press on towards the future. Conference play is basically a clean slate and our goal, as a team, is to go undefeated in conference and we have completed our first step. This will not come easy! There are a lot of competitive teams in our conference and to be undefeated we have to be disciplined, work as a team, and play with passion and heart.

As our season continues, we will be traveling basically every other week. This means that we all have to stay on our school work, and there will also be many interesting behind the scenes situations (If you haven’t seen the Lauren’s Lowdown: Worst travel day ever, you should!!).

During our short time in Edinburg, we basically just played volleyball, ate, and slept. However, the time in between was spent with lots of laughter and the making of good memories. If you ask me, this situation was not as funny as everyone else will say it was - maybe because it happened to me. Actually, that’s exactly the reason. When we got to the Harlingen airport, I saw that our flight to Austin was boarding. Being the intelligent individual I am, I got on the plane-even though my team was still sitting at the gate. I didn’t really tell anybody I was getting on the plane because I felt that it would be a good learning experience for everyone and for everyone to tell me I was really smart for getting on the plane. Once on the plane, I was excited because my favorite seat was open, the one in the exit row with no seat in front of it-prime leg room (I love southwest). Then, I see the ticket person come on the airplane and ask for someone named Lauren to ring the call button. I of course looked around to see if there was another person on the plane named Lauren, because she was obviously about to be embarrassed. Unfortunately, no one rang the call button and I reluctantly reached up to ring mine. The embarrassing “ding” sounded and the ticket person smiled, laughed and motioned me to come forward.

To see what happens, check out the behind the scenes travel footage below!! I give you permission to laugh-but not to make fun of me. (Editor's note: Video coming soon!)

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing everyone in the Pan Am at 12 p.m. on Saturday when we take on Idaho and also Sunday at 12p.m. when we take on Seattle! Thanks and GO AGGIES!!