Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/26/13 Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/26/13 Obviously a disappointing outcome from the game on Saturday. Your thoughts on the game?
Doug Martin: We were really outmatched athletically when you look at the two teams. The team speed on both sides, it was really a drastic difference. That was really the difference in the game. We just couldn’t run well enough to keep up with them right now and eliminate the big plays on defense and create big plays on offense. That was really the difference in the game. That one is all about recruiting. Given the way your team had played the previous three weeks I’m sure you didn’t expect for your team to come out and have that outcome. What did you talk to your players about after the game?
DM: I just talked to them about Idaho and Idaho’s a team that’s exactly in the same place we are. They played an independent schedule, their record is the same, statistically we’re the same. Whatever team comes out here Saturday and wants to win a football game is going to win it. The difference between Saturday and the three previous weeks is we didn’t have the biggest differential in speed. Boston College didn’t have a great differential in speed on us but Florida Atlantic did and that’s what I was afraid of going into the game. Looking at the Idaho game, they’re very similar statistically. What do you see from them on film?
DM: The positives they have on offense, I think their quarterback is a good player. I think the starting running back is excellent and their wide receiver, Dezmon Epps, has great speed. Those are the three guys and that’s what they’re making a living with. They do a great job throwing the football. It’s a passing team and they’ve done a nice job of getting the ball in their playmakers’ hands. Defensively they’re an impressive looking team. Their statistics don’t bear that out but again they’ve played the same type of schedule we have so there’s some misconception there. I think they’re a pretty good defensive team, especially up front. From your point of view when you’re preparing for Idaho’s offense, is it a bit of a break from some of the run-oriented teams you’ve faced over the last five or six weeks?
DM: Probably a little bit. I think the biggest thing in this game is offensively we’ve got to score points. If we get 30 on the board then we’ve got a good chance to win this football game. If we don’t, it’ll be a long day. What do you want to see from your team, especially in the first quarter of this final game?
DM: I just want to see us play with a lot of emotion, a lot of enthusiasm and this is a great game for me as a head coach because I get to watch all of our players that are coming back and I get to see if they’re willing to compete in adversity, if they’re willing to finish the season, if they’re willing to go the distance on this thing. So really it’s going to tell me a lot about their character and who we need to recruit coming up, who we need to replace and those type of things. Hopefully for the seniors they get to go out with a win. As far as preparing for next season with this game, do you think you’ll be experimenting with anything for next season in this game?
DM: No, we’ll just do the best thing we can do try to win the football game. That’s really all we’re worried about. I just want to see the young guys compete. We haven’t had the kind of season we obviously would have hoped to have regardless of the schedule. I just want to see us compete in some adversity.