Aggie Equestrian Places 13 On NCEA Academic Teams

Written By: NM State Athletic Dept.

WACO, TX - New Mexico State had 13 student-athletes receive academic honors on Wednesday as the National Collegiate Equestrian Association announced the Beval Saddlery Academic Teams and the La Hacienda Academic Honor Roll.

The teams recognize student-athletes for success both in the arena and in the classroom during the 2014-15 academic year.

The Aggies placed eight riders on the Beval Saddlery NCEA Academic First Team to join South Carolina, who placed nine riders on the first team, as the schools with the most first team selections. NM State added two more on the second team and two honorable mentions.

Seniors Marissa Bartmann, Brynn Larson and Amber Tassel lead the Aggie contingent on the first team, and are joined by juniors Chelsea Brady, Julie Frey, Elizabeth Solomon, Rianna Storey and sophomore Jaimie Story.

Senior Lauren DeVoe and sophomore Katlynn Crine were selected to the Beval Saddlery Academic second team, while senior Shannon Dooley and sophomore Cori Cromwell were named honorable mention.

The Beval Saddlery Academic Teams use performance and scholarship requirements to determine team placement, with first team competing in a minimum of 70 percent of their institution’s meets while earning a cumulative 3.5 GPA or better while maintaining fulltime enrollment in the previous spring and fall semesters. Second team members must compete in a minimum of 60 percent of their school’s meets with a cumulative 3.25 GPA or better, with honorable mention riders must compete in 50 percent of the meets and have a cumulative 3.0 GPA or better.

“This is a great honor for these outstanding riders,” said NM State head coach Robin Morris-Walters. “They compete well and study just as hard. I’m very proud of them.”

The NCEA also announced the La Hacienda Academic Honor Roll on Wednesday, recognizing those student-athletes who earned a cumulative 3.25 GPA over the previous spring and fall semesters.

Sophomore Ella Algermissen joined Bartmann, Brady, Crine, DeVoe, Frey, Larson, Solomon, Storey, Story, and Tassel from NM State on that honor roll.

The Aggies open competition in the 2015 NCEA Championships on Thursday at the Extraco Events Center in Waco.

NM State is the number 11 seed in the competition and rides against No. 6 seeded Fresno State at 7:30 a.m. (MST).


First Team
Jennifer Delman, Auburn, Sr.
Victoria Hoft, Auburn, So.
Griffin Knight, Auburn, Jr.
Hannah Loeske, Auburn, Jr.
Allison Dusha, Auburn, Jr.
Michelina Carbone, Baylor, So.
Gillian Chant, Baylor, Sr.
Elizabeth Shank, Baylor, So.
Abigail Buckwalter, Delaware State, So.
Tiffany Lee, Delaware State, Jr.
Sydney Elliot, Fresno State, Jr.
Henley Adkins, Kansas State, So.
Nicholle Hatton, Kansas State, Jr.
Christina Martinelli, Kansas State, So.
Madison Wayda, Kansas State, Sr.
Marissa Bartmann, NM State, Sr.
Chelsea Brady, NM State, Jr.
Julie Frey, NM State, Jr.
Brynn Larson, NM State, Sr.
Elizabeth Solomon, NM State, Jr.
Rianna Storey, NM State, Jr.
Jaimie Story, NM State, Jr.
Amber Tassel, NM State, Sr.
Katy Krshka, Oklahoma State, GR
Paris Nottingham, Oklahoma State, Jr.
Jessica "Ty" Paris, Oklahoma State, Jr.
Miranda Reed, Oklahoma State, So.
Amy White, Oklahoma State, Jr.
Hayley Mena, Sacred Heart, So.
Sarah Scorpa, Sacred Heart, Sr.
Jordan Goodall, South Dakota State, Sr.
Courtney Line, SMU, Sr.
Schaefer Raposa, SMU, Jr.
Emma Roberts, SMU, Sr.
Sylvia de Toledo, SMU, So.
Alexi Child, TCU, Sr.
Erin Gillette, TCU, Jr.
Katelyn Gray, TCU, Sr.
Kari Hancock, TCU, So.
Chantz Stewart, TCU, Jr.
Marlena Parker, Texas A&M, Jr.
Logan Pluhar, Texas A&M, Jr.
Hannah Jechow, Texas A&M, Jr.
Laura Sumrall, Texas A&M, Sr.
Leylan Gleeson, Georgia, Jr.
Liza Finsness, Georgia, So.
Paige Stawicki, Georgia, Sr.
Rachel Kolb, Georgia, Jr.
Kylee, Arbuckle, Georgia, Sr.
Courtney, Allen, South Carolina, So.
Alexa, Anthony, South Carolina, Sr.
Sarah, Bouchard, South Carolina, Jr.
Amber, Henter, South Carolina, Sr.
Samantha, Kraus, South Carolina, Jr.
Bailey, Mierzejewski, South Carolina, So.
Adele, Norton, South Carolina, Sr.
Katherine, Schmidt, South Carolina, Sr.
Sydney, Smith, South Carolina, So.
Rachel, Crinklaw, Tennessee-Martin, So.
Mykaela, VanSelus, Tennessee-Martin, Sr.

Second Team
Megan Bifano, Auburn, Jr.
Alicia Gasser, Baylor, So.
Parris Rice, Baylor, Sr.
Heather Hotz, Delaware State, Sr.
Brigid O'Leary, Fresno State, Sr.
Kristen McKillop, Fresno State, Sr.
Gretchen Koenen, Kansas State, So.
Alyssa Lombardi, Kansas State, So.
Katlynn Crine, NM State, So.
Lauren DeVoe, NM State, Sr.
Jorden Davis, Oklahoma State, So.
Allison "Allie" Joyce, Oklahoma State, Sr.
Alison Brosky, Sacred Heart, Sr.
Kathyrn Gray, Sacred Heart, Jr.
Nicole Harvey, South Dakota State, So.
Victoria Johnson , South Dakota State, So.
Greer Hindle, SMU, Sr.
Kaitlin Perry, TCU, Sr.
Rachel Lucht, Texas A&M, So.
Carolyn Day, Texas A&M, Jr.
Kaci Fisher, Texas A&M, So.
Hannah Williams, Texas A&M, Jr.
Megan Southam, Georgia, Sr.
Lauren Garmon, Georgia, Jr.
Claudia Spreng, Georgia, So.
Abigail Pait, South Carolina, Jr.
Sam Chiodo, South Carolina, Sr.
Laney Hixson, Tennessee-Martin, Jr.
Katie Kallevig, Tennessee-Martin, So.

Honorable Mention
Lucy Igoe, Auburn, Sr.
Mary Brown, Baylor, Sr.
Ginger Chant, Baylor, So.
Savannah Jenkins, Baylor, So.
Rachel Nankervis, Baylor, Sr.
Paige Parker, Baylor, Jr.
Samantha Schaefer, Baylor, Sr.
Lacy Watson, Baylor, Jr.
Alexis Gratowski, Delaware State, Jr.
Caroline Schock, Delaware State, So.
Brianna Fedorkowicz, Delaware State, Sr.
Brooke Moore, Delaware State, Jr.
Kali Voshel, Delaware State, Sr.
Cailin Fedorkowicz, Delaware State, Sr.
Taylor Brown, Fresno State, So.
Kara Spicer, Fresno State, Sr.
Kara Guy, Kansas State, Jr.
Savannah Smith, Kansas State, Sr.
Corynne Cromwell, NM State, So.
Shannon Dooley, NM State, Sr.
Brenna Brawner, Oklahoma State, Jr.
Maggie Drysch, Oklahoma State, So.
Maggie Gampfer, Oklahoma State, GR
Lindsey McMullen, Oklahoma State, Sr.
Danielle Baker, South Dakota State, Sr.
Danielle Dickerson, South Dakota State, So.
Marielle Golden, South Dakota State, Jr.
Maddie Lewis , South Dakota State, So.
Kelsey Swainston, South Dakota State, So.
Hannah McCain, SMU, So.
Jaclyn White, SMU, So.
Jordan Appel, TCU, So.
Brooke Boyle, TCU, So.
Nikki Diamantis, TCU, Jr.
Haley Buchmiller, Texas A&M, Sr.
Anna Rea, Texas A&M, So.
Charley Thiel, Georgia, So.
Heather Schmidt, Georgia, Jr.
Lauren Tieche, Georgia, Sr.
Sara Parr, Georgia, Sr.
Meg O'Mara, Georgia, So.
Brittany Woodard, Tennessee-Martin, So.

New Mexico State
Ella Algermissen, So.
Marissa Bartmann, Sr.
Chelsea Brady, Jr.
Katlynn Crine, So.
Lauren DeVoe, Sr.
Julie Frey, Jr.
Brynn Larson, Sr.
Elizabeth Solomon, Jr.
Rianna Storey, Jr.
Jaimie Story, Jr.
Amber Tassel, Sr.