The Daily Aggie :: 12/20/07

We apologize for the late start, after being awake for about 21 hours yesterday we decided that it would be best if we rested a little.

About the only way to describe yesterday's game is, ouch. We're not exactly sure where that performance came from but it was definitely one of the worst since the beginning of the season. To the Aggies' credit, they were only down by one at halftime, however, there were just too many cold shooting stretches last night to be able to win the game.

What we didn't like: Another Road Loss. Enduring the walk of shame at a UNM game is not nearly as bad as it is after a loss at UTEP, the fans at New Mexico leave you alone for the most part, the UTEP fans on the other hand will take every opportunity to harrass you on the way out. Not Smart Play. That's about the nicest way we can describe a lot of last night's play by the Aggies. There were two technical/intentional fouls called on the Aggies, one on Justin Hawkins who inexplicably hammered one of the Lobo players about two seconds after the whistle was blown. While we don't have a problem with a Lobo player getting hammered, it was very uncharacteristic of Justin who is arguably one of the smartest basketball players on the court every night. The other intentional foul was on Martin Iti who grabbed a fistful of jersey as he and a Lobo player were on the ground, preventing the Lobo player from getting up. The Aggies were very close to having one or two more intentional fouls called on them.

We will say this in the Aggies' defense though, apparently the Lobo players are taking lessons from the Lobo soccer team because we've never seen so many blatant flops since we were watching the World Cup two years ago. Every time you looked, a Lobo player was picking himself up off the floor but only after laying there for about 20 seconds writhing around in pain. This tells us one of two things, either the Lobos are one of the softest teams in the history of basketball, or they've been taking acting classes.

What we liked: Jonathan Gibson. Still one of our favorite Aggies. Always brings energy. Deserves more playing time. Jahmar Young. Even though it was his first game and he fouled out with only two points, we can tell that in time he will be a very valuable addition to the team. To his credit, for it being his first game, he didn't take any shots that appeared to be out of system (i.e. he didn't just pull up and take a shot just to take a shot). Baby Matrix. Wendell McKines continues to be one of our favorite new Aggies. He finished with 12 points, 3 for 3 from the floor and a "stop the presses" 6 of 7 from the free throw line. Baby Matrix is around a 40% free throw shooter on the season so going 6 of 7 from the charity stripe is amazing. Hopefully his good free throw shooting continues.

Tomorrow night the Aggie women will try to even up the Rio Grande Rivalry points. Speaking of the Aggie women, Sherrell Neal was named to the James Naismith preseason watch list. Congratulations Sherrell.

On to today's links...

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Mark Smith of the Albuquerque Journal writes that Lobo head coach Steve Alford is elated with the turnaround with his team. He also takes a shot at the Aggie fans (and unfortunately he's correct). "But it's not even close fan-wise— not even close. And I think that's why the intensity was to where it was. We got 17,200 here. There was (6,786 at the Pan American Center).

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Finally, our friends at The Wizard of Odds pass along a link to the outstanding site Map Game Day tracks non-conference games for all D-I teams dating back to 1998. The WAC is the most traveled conference, having
covered 327,521 miles. The SEC is last at 42,141 miles. Here is the link to the information on the Aggies.

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