2016 NMSU Football Sun Belt Media Day Quotes

Written By: Sun Belt Media Relations

Head Coach Doug Martin

Opening Statement: We certainly are looking forward to an exciting year. We return Larry Rose who was the offensive player of the year last year and the preseason offensive player of the year this year, along with a very talented offensive football team.  The additions we made in the wide receiver group in particular is really going to bolster this offensive football team – this is the best group of wide receivers that I have coached in 20 years. We return a lot of weapons offensively; I really believe we can be one of the better offensive teams in the Sun Belt this year. Our issue will be on the defensive side and how much we can improve on that area. If we can improve and get to the middle of the pack defensively, I really feel like we can be right there to contend for this conference title at the end of the season.

Is leaving the Sun Belt affecting your recruiting at all?: No, it really has not made a difference in recruiting. I don’t think kids are so concentrated on what conference they are in, they are concentrated on whether or not they will play early and if the program is successful. I think the big thing moving forward for us is that we have an advantage that most mid-majors don’t have and that is having a tie in with the New Mexico Bowl. Not many teams have a bowl tie in a the mid-major level, so with us not being in a conference down the road but having a bowl tie in still puts us in pretty good shape.

What is your prognosis for this season?: We have our third recruiting class coming in now and that is going to get us back up to 85 scholarships this year for the first time in about 14 years at New Mexico State. We have been playing somewhat handicapped in the area as other people have had more depth but that is no longer going to be the case. Our facilities have improved and our talent has improved so for the first time we really feel like we can compete with anybody in the conference.

Terrill Hanks (So., LB)
From high school to college was a big enough jump, but what are two of the biggest things that you’ve learned personally from your freshman year going into your sophomore year?: Personally, I would have to say maturity and time management. Those are big things.
What is the wristband you are wearing from? What exactly do you “believe in,” and who is Lori?: This means Team Lori. On the front it says ‘Team Lori’ and on the other side it says ‘I Believe’. Lori is a lady who was really close to the team. During my freshman year, I met her on my visit and she was like a team mom for us. She had donated so much stuff for us, but unfortunately she passed away from cancer, so we wear this wristband in honor of the late great Lori.
What are you looking forward to the most this season?: I am looking forward to my team making a bowl game appearance this season.
Larry Rose III (Jr., RB)

Can you have a better season in 2016 (compared to 2015)?: Personally, I have a goal this year and it is to be better than last year. The team goal is six or more wins. Everything about this year is to be better in all facets of the game.

What are your individual expectations?: My expectations, for myself, is to do better than last year. So, anything less than 1,600 rushing yards is unacceptable. I am hard on myself, so like I said, anything under 1,600 is not going to cut it.