Building An Aggie Football Tradition :: The Brief History of Keystone


Keystone celebrates his 10th anniversary this coming Saturday against UNM. Keystone was introduced on Saturday, September 10th against the Lobos and with the exception of one game last season, he has been a pregame fixture before every Aggie football game since his debut in 2006. Here is a brief history of the origins of Keystone as told by Aaron Villalobos, an NMSU alum and former member of the NMSU athletic department marketing team.

Keystone was the brainchild of then NMSU Associate Athletic Director Bump Elliott with the help of NMSU Rodeo coach Jim Dewey Brown. Pete’s horse was given a moniker after NMSU students and the community wanted to know what the name of Pete’s trusty steed was.

The name Keystone was submitted by freshman Josh Lyon and was selected by NMSU students winning by 2,000 votes. The name “Keystone” was inspired by the many keystones seen among the many Spanish-Deco arches and domes around campus.

Keystone, whose original name was Roany, belonged to head rodeo coach Jim Dewey Brown. Coach Brown didn't mind the alias.

Ten years later Keystone is among NMSU's most beloved and recognizable traditions.

Keystone's First Ride

Keystone's First Ride in 2006