Jemerrio Jones Earns 2017-18 WAC Sportsmanship Award

Written By: WAC Media Relations

DENVER – NM State men's basketball student-athlete Jemerrio Jones has been awarded the 2017-18 WAC Sportsmanship Award for his display of sportsmanship during the season.

The WAC received two nominations on behalf of Jones, the WAC Player of the Year, for his sportsmanship demonstrated throughout the season. The first came in February after the Aggies lost to Utah Valley in an important contest in Las Cruces. A Wolverine fan reached out via social media.

"I'm not sure if the WAC awards or recognizes an athlete for their sportsmanship, but as a Utah Valley fan I would strongly nominate Jemerrio Jones of New Mexico State," Heath Garner said. "I witnessed firsthand multiple occasions throughout the game his good sportsmanship. He plays his heart out and demonstrates the perfect balance of playing hard, being respectful to his teammates, his opponents, the officials and the fans. He is graceful in winning and he was certainly graceful in the loss last night. Hopefully he continues the fine example of sportsmanship we need in sports and in life."

In March, when NM State faced Clemson in the NCAA Tournament, NM State Director of Athletics Mario Moccia received an email from a Tiger fan speaking on the sportsmanship Jones exemplified in San Diego.

"I am a high school football official in South Carolina for the past 20 years and a huge Clemson fan," Thomas Zwilling said in an email to Moccia. "There were three times where one of your players (Jemerrio Jones) helped a Clemson player off the floor. I am not sure if I have ever seen this in a game more than once. This is not something that occurs very much any more. I just want to let you know your school has a new fan here in South Carolina. I work hard in my football games to promote sportsmanship. I wish all teams were as classy as what I saw. Because of his respect shown during competition, it encourages me for the future."

The WAC Sportsmanship Award is awarded on an annual basis and given to one WAC member institution that has demonstrated the most distinguishable act of sportsmanship throughout the academic year.