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Volleyball is Back! | bleedCrimson.net :: Your Source for NMSU Aggies Sports News

Volleyball is Back!

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Hello Volleyball Fans! Welcome to another season of amazing action on the court.

The Aggie volleyball team traveled to Northern Arizona University this past weekend for the Hilton Garden Inn NAU Invitational. On the schedule - Albany, UC Davis and tourney hosts NAU. I didn't attend so I spent my weekend planning activities around AM 570's broadcast schedule.

Yes, volleyball is on the radio. You know you've hit the big time when a radio station sends a broadcaster to cover volleyball tournaments. Thank you AM 570! Let me just say this much - it is quite a different experience listening to volleyball on the radio. With new names to learn, I had to prep myself with a roster list as well as a list of where everyone was playing.

Friday night saw the Aggies take on the Albany Great Danes. One question some of us hardcore fans had was what would the starting line up look like. With the departure of Jackie Choi, Alice Borden and Tanya Allen, we knew there would be some big shoes to fill. Friday night's line up became the standard for the weekend: Anna Callis and Lindsay Yon on the outside, Kim Oguh and Amber Simpson in the middle, Alyssa Gintant at setter and Krystal Torres with the Libero duties.

For the Albany game, Kim Oguh had an amazing 15 kills and a .444 hitting percentage while Krystal Torres came away with 15 digs for the game. Listening to Coach Jordan on the post game show, he expressed what I was 'seeing' during the match. The serving had to get better to avoid getting behind. He did run both the 5-1 and 6-2 during the tournament and it seems they were successful.

Lindsey Yon, the Texas A&M transfer, really showed what she was made of with 12 kills, 8 digs and a hit percentage of .400. At the end of the evening, the Aggies were victorious with a 30-27, 30-22, 30-26 victory.

After a late dinner and early wake up call on Saturday, the Aggies returned to the Rolle Activity Center to take on UC Davis. Now, on paper, you might think we'd have no problem with the UC Aggies. After all, they went 4-24 last year. There was some amazing talent on that team and they kept our Aggies on their toes by taking us to 4 games.

In game 2, Kyle said the words no one wants to hear. "An Aggie is down." It turns out it was Lindsey Yon who had gone for a ball along with another Aggie. She hit her head on Alyssa Gintant's elbow and had to sit out the rest of the game. Thankfully, she was ok and returned to the court for game 3. We needed all Aggies on deck for this one.

With things tied at 1, game 3 was one I wish I had seen in person. It was a battle. There were 7 match points. Yes. 7. Over the radio, you heard all 342 people in attendance. In the end, the Aggies pulled off a 37-35 victory. That marathon game took it out of UC Davis as our Aggies won game 4 30-20. I can only imagine what this match would have been like if UC Davis hadn't of played late on Friday night. I wonder if it's possible to find the game tape of this one. I'd love to see it.

4 Aggies were in the double digits - Yon with 18 kills, Simpson with 17, Altermatt with 15 and Oguh with 14. Defensively, Altermatt was in there with 16 digs followed by Torres with 13.

Later that evening, the Aggies were back on the court to play tournament hosts Northern Arizona. Coach Jordan stated in the post game after the UC Davis game that the gameplan would be about the same. The team was tired and they would probably be utilizing more players.

It only took 3 games for the Aggies to secure the tournament victory - 30-27, 30-23, 30-20. And Coach did utilize more of his bench as we saw Alex Steinmetz (FR-LC High) come in and contribute 3 team attacks and 1 kill.

Match highlights included 3 Aggies in double digits - Yon with 14 kills, Altermatt with 12 and Oguh with 11. Torres led the defense again with 19 digs.

With the end of the tournament, 3 Aggies made the all tournament team - Kim Oguh, Krystal Torres and Lindsey Yon who was named the tourney MVP. In the last post game interview. Coach Jordan said that he felt the team was lightyears ahead of where they were in the other matches. Everyone is getting more comfortable on the court and with each other.

Sunday (8/26) sees the team back home at the Pan Am Center for their home opener against Texas Southern.
September opens up with the team traveling to the Houston Tournament. There, they'll take on Texas on Saturday 9/1 at 4:30pm. Yes, that Texas - the Texas Longhorns who were #7 on the season ending AVCA Poll. They then face Houston on 9/2. Both games will be broadcast on AM 570 with the Houston game on tape delay, starting at noon.

Other Notes of Importance:
You can now purchase your tickets or session pass for the WAC Tournament this November at the Pan Am. Fans can purchase tickets for the tournament by calling 1-866-672-8524 or calling the Pan American Center Ticket Office at 505-646-1420.

Stay tuned to bleedCrimson.net this season for all the volleyball news and info from a fan's perspective. Don't forget to check out Jordan Bostic's volleyball diary for the 'inside scoop'. If you're in the area and are planning on attending a game, come by the Pan Am center early and join the tailgating fun.

That's it for now! See you at the match!