Ellen Miks' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: September 28th, 2010

Ellen MiksHello Aggie volleyball fans! We are finally back home!! After a month of being on the road, we are finally back in Las Cruces! It was great to see everyone at the Pan Am on Saturday at our game against Louisiana Tech. Thanks to all of our fans that came, there was a great showing!

Our team is slowly healing and starting to get their legs back after a long pre-season. Kelsey Brennan is back from an ankle injury, and Steph’s leg is healing every day. She is now able to put some pressure on it, which is improvement! She says that she will hopefully be able to walk without crutches in two weeks!! So exciting!!

There’s a new trend on our team… it seems as though everyone has shown up to practice within the past week with a different hair color than they had the day before. On our team, Desire, Amanda, Shelby, Dierdra, Michelle, Maddy, and Liana have all changed their hair colors! This whole year only four of us on the roster have not dyed our hair. Just a fun little fact… Girls will be girls :]

We have two BIG games coming up this week- Hawaii and Arizona. We play Hawaii on Wednesday, which will be aired on ESPNU, followed by a game on Sunday against Arizona. We hope y’all can come support us against two very great teams! Until next time… GOOOOOOOOO AGGIES!  Continue Reading This Post >>

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Walker Interview :: 09/28/10

bleedCrimson.net: Talk a little bit more about your decision to turn your defensive play calling duties over to Coach Lindsey.
DeWayne Walker: I just think it's time for me to be the head coach. I know that with the state of our team right now I think it was more important for me to spend more time trying to round this team the way that I want it moreso than spread myself thin by calling to call defenses, trying to be the head coach, trying to be an administrator.

It was starting to wear on me a little bit because I'm really competitive and I just felt like I'm really "Jack of all trades, master of none" to that degree and I just want to spend more time and sit down and really build this program the right way. I just felt like I had too much on my plate to do it the right way.

bc.net: Was this something that you'd been thinking about for a while?
DW: Yeah. Probably moreso this season. Last season I was kind of like the energizer bunny, I was running around doing everything which was still stressful for me last year because there was a lot of stuff going on but I got through it. I just felt like I couldn't continue to do it that way and really be who I was hired to be. It's important for me to be around the offensive players and special teams and be able to critique the coaches, the offensive coaches just as I was critiquing being around the defensive coaches. I just felt like that would give more support to this football team versus being one sided to a certain degree.  Continue Reading This Post >>

AggieVision :: Aggie Academy :: Blocking At The Net

AggieVision :: A Day In The Life Of A Sports Information Director

The Daily Aggie :: 09/28/10

The Aggie volleyball team hosts No. 6 Hawai'i tomorrow, the Wahine are no longer No. 5, apparently winning two matches via sweep in the WAC is cause for a one spot drop in the polls even though one of those sweeps came against a very very good Utah State squad.

The Wahine will be making their very first road trip of the season and it was pointed out by one of the Hawai'i beat writers that the trip to the mainland to face the Aggies and Louisiana Tech is flipped this season. Usually Hawai'i faces Louisiana Tech first, then travels back westward to face the Aggies. Will this make a difference? It could.

Traveling east is always a little easier than traveling west in our opinion. For the Wahine, an 8:00 p.m. match time is like playing at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon in Honolulu. However, when the tables are turned, a 7:00 p.m. match time in Honolulu is the equivalent to an 11:00 p.m. match time in Las Cruces.

Given that the Aggie/Wahine match is first up on the slate, perhaps the Wahine will still be a little worn out from the travel to the mainland. As anyone who flies regularly for work knows, travel days are never any fun and even though you're just sitting on a plane doing nothing, it tends to wear you out.

Whether or not that will be the case with the Wahine tomorrow night, we'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out our interview this week with Aggie head volleyball coach Mike Jordan.

Aggie head football coach DeWayne Walker announced this morning that he is turning over the defensive playcalling duties to linebacker coach Dale Lindsey in order to put more focus on both sides of the ball.

We'll try to get more from Coach Walker on his decision today when we speak with him for this week's interview.

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Walker To Focus On Team Responsibilities; Dale Lindsey Takes Over Defensive Play Calling

Written By: NM State Athletic Dept.

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - New Mexico State head football coach DeWayne Walker announced Tuesday at the team’s weekly press conference that he has shifted defensive play calling responsibilities to linebacker coach Dale Lindsey in an effort to allow him to focus more on the team as a whole.

Walker said he needs to make sure that his voice is heard on both sides of the ball and this will give him the opportunity to continue to build the program in the right direction.  Continue Reading This Post >>

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Jordan Interview :: 09/27/10

bleedCrimson.net: Your thoughts on Kayleigh Giddens' play last weekend.
Mike Jordan: Kayleigh played well obviously. She's really attacking the ball well at a high level and overmatched Louisiana Tech physically. We're happy she's playing so well and hopefully she'll continue to put up those kind of numbers against everybody.

bc.net: Your thoughts on the match against Hawai'i on Wednesday night?
MJ: They're a tremendous team and they're ranked 5th for a reason. They've got a lot of weapons and ball control is probably their strength as it always is. Year in and year out they're one of the best digging teams in the country if not the best and they can frustrate you. We'll go bomb a ball and it'll come back and we'll go bomb another ball and it'll come back and we try and do too much and make an attack error. That's kind of been the M.O. for our matches with them. When we've beaten them we've been a very good blocking team that's frustrated them. We've blocked enough balls to kind of get in their head and force them into taking more risks and making them make some attack errors.

It's going to be one of those matches where we're going to have to win some long rallies and right now digging is not the strong suit of our team but we've got the offensive weapons to compete for sure and hopefully the home crowd will be worth a couple of points.  Continue Reading This Post >>

AggieVision :: NM State vs. Kansas Highlights

The Daily Aggie :: 09/27/10

It's another big week for Aggie athletics as the volleyball and football teams host Top 5 opponents this week. Volleyball is preparing for the No. 5 Wahine on Wednesday night for a nationally televised match on ESPNU.

The Wahine, like the Aggies, swept through their opening weekend of competition defeating a very very good Utah State team on Thursday night and then handling Nevada on Friday night. The Aggies had no trouble with Louisiana Tech sweeping them on Thursday night in Ruston and then coming home and sweeping them on Saturday.

Wednesday night's match is scheduled for an 8:00 p.m. first serve.

The Aggie football team also hosts a Top 5 opponent when No. 3 Boise State comes to town on Saturday. The Aggies are coming off a 42-16 loss to Kansas on Saturday and are still struggling to find their way defensively. The Jayhawks came into the game against the Aggies giving up four sacks per game. The Aggie defense did not register a sack against the Jayhawk quarterback Jordan Webb. In an article by Matt Tait in yesterday's edition of the Lawrence Journal-World, Tait wrote, "So pleased was Webb with Saturday’s performance by his offensive line, he actually was looking forward to today. “It’s an awesome feeling, obviously,” Webb said. “I won’t be very sore (today). Our offensive line played great today. Communication was really good, our tempo was good, and overall it was just an execution thing.”"

We bring it up, not to pour salt in the wound, however, with Boise State coming in, the Aggies absolutely must get pressure on Kellen Moore. Moore is one of the deadliest passers in the country and if given time, he will systematically pick defenses apart. The Broncos have surrendered just one sack this season and have sacked opposing quarterbacks 11 times.

We have a lot of respect for Boise State head coach Chris Petersen and we believe him when he told Idaho Press-Tribune writer Dave Southorn that he won't be running up the score in an attempt to earn "style points." Note: But that doesn't mean the team won't score 50 points... The Broncos beat Wyoming 51-6, however, they scored 44 of those points in the first three quarters. And if you remember back to last year's game in Boise, the Broncos had the ball at the Aggie 2-yard line end of the game and the Broncos took about three straight knees instead of pounding the ball in for a touchdown.

It may sound like we're conceding a Boise State victory this week, rest assured we're not. Anything can happen. However, even the Aggie coaching staff knows it's an uphill battle this week against No. 3 Boise State. When asked about facing Boise State on Saturday Coach Walker told Teddy Feinberg of the Las Cruces Sun-News, "Just try to get through the next one without getting murdered." Realistic expectations for a team that has surrendered 40-plus points in each of the first three games.

With this being game week against the Broncos, we urge all Aggie fans to check out the outstanding website One Bronco Nation Under God for all things Boise State football related. That being said, if you don't have a sense of humor, you should probably steer away from OBNUG this week.

We'll be participating in OBNUG's Blog Bet (also known as the annual guest post by Kevan Lee) and we'll be swapping Q&A's with OBNUG this week. Stay tuned.

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