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warning: Creating default object from empty value in /var/www/ on line 33. Weekly Coach Martin Interview Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 09/23/14 A tough loss on Saturday. You were very competitive and it was a much different game than last year. What are your thoughts on the game?
Doug Martin: Yeah, it was a fantastic atmosphere first of all. Our fans and that stadium was just rocking and that’s the way you want to see it and that’s the way it can be around here every Saturday if we continue to make progress and win games. I’m really pleased with that.

I was really pleased with the effort of our players. I thought they battled and they battled for four quarters. We’ve come a long way in a year. We certainly had every chance to win the game. We just didn’t make key plays on both sides of the ball late in the game and that was the difference. In such a close game, as a coaching staff there are probably a lot of things you’re looking back at. If there were one or two things that if you could go back and do differently what would it have been?
DM: The last drive, there was a third and ten, we had them backed up in a third and ten situation which they’re not comfortable with and we knew they were going to throw a screen and they threw a jailbreak screen to a wide receiver and we had a player standing right there unblocked, he could have actually intercepted it, and just didn’t read it very well and then didn’t make the tackle. That was going to be key. That was the very last drive. If they’re in fourth and twelve, that’s a different deal. One other one was the dive that they handed off and scored earlier in the game that went untouched. We actually had a blitz and Jay Eakins our defensive end was supposed to close down on the dive and he was going to hit it for a negative two yard gain and he blew the assignment and came up the field instead of coming down and so that cost us. Then obviously the fake field goal. That’s on us coaching-wise. We didn’t do a good job of being prepared for that. Then offensively, Tyler had a couple of passes where we had people open in the endzone, Bowen was wide open on a flank route once. Then the first drive of the game on the interception, they showed a blitz and then dropped out and Tyler didn’t recognize they’d dropped out and he threw the interception there. There’s always some plays like that but we’ve got to make plays at the end.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 09/16/14 A tough loss down at UTEP on Saturday night. The game felt a lot like the game last year where you were in it late but UTEP ground the game out with their run game.
Doug Martin: Yeah, it was just disappointing that we didn’t finish the game. We had chances on both sides of the ball and we just did not make plays at critical times. To start the second half our defense got a turnover and we could have made it a 21-17 game and our offense does nothing with the ball. Then the fourth quarter our offense scores two touchdowns and our defense gives up three. We’ve just got to play better as a team for 60 minutes. There were a lot of other similarities between the game this year and last year, even in getting the turnover coming out of halftime and then had the turnover in the endzone in last year’s game where you weren’t able to turn it into points.
DM: Yeah. I’m just really disappointed that we’re not making progress as a whole team right now. We need to be improving a lot more than what I’m seeing so far and a lot of that goes back to the way our guys practice. I didn’t like the way we practiced last week. I didn’t think it was intense enough. I didn’t think our players were buying into how important practice was and it showed up in the game. That’s the challenge or our guys this week is to mature, grow up, learn from it and go out and practice as well as we can this week.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 09/09/14 Congratulations on the victory on Saturday. I’m not sure when the last time the Aggies came back from being down by three scores to win. What was the feeling like for the team?
Doug Martin: Well, you’re right, that was huge. I don’t know that we could have done that in the past. Certainly last year we would not have had the character or the talent to do that. I was really proud of the players and the way they hung in there. More than the 17 points down to me was when Georgia State came out and started the second half off by driving right down the field and scoring and putting it up to 14 points again and our guys still didn’t blink and they kept hanging in there and playing off of each other. When our offense was struggling in the first half, our defense kept us in the game and in the second half when our defense started to give in a little bit our offense picked it up and that’s the way we’re going to win football games. Obviously a pivotal moment as you mentioned on defense, the pick six from Rodney Butler, something that the Aggie defense has not been able to do in quite a while, just in terms of generating momentum for the football team.
DM: Yeah that was big. That gave us energy going in to halftime. It made it a 17-10 game and energized the whole locker room and at halftime our guys felt really good about where we were. Jay Eakins made a great play to tip that ball up and then Rodney got the interception. Our defense has done a great job of causing turnovers, we’ve got six in two games. That’s really big.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 08/26/14 Your thoughts on the start of the season?
Doug Martin: There’s just a lot of excitement going on here right now for us with the new conference, the new field, we just practiced on it for the first time today and the players just loved that. We’ve got a lot of great things going on. New weight room, new field, new conference. It just feels like a rebirth for us. There’s been a lot talk about the new field, you mentioned that you were able to get out there and practice on it for the first time. What does the new playing surface bring to the table?
DM: There are a couple things, first i think just the wear and tear of the grass. Everyone knows that by the end of the year, the last couple of games our field would be really worn out and we weren’t able to use it. We weren’t able to practice on it, you weren’t able to use it for any other events. I think that’s the biggest thing. Now we have a surface that can be used as much as we want, we can practice out there any time we want, we can have other events in the community out there that get the community and students involved in our football program. Not to mention the recruiting aspect of it. We’re already hearing great things from the recruits who have seen pictures of it and things like that. All-in-all it’s just a much more usable and player friendly surface.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 2013 Season Wrap Up Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: Season Wrap Up Your thoughts on the season finale win over Idaho?
Doug Martin: Obviously winning the game was huge. To finish the season with a win is big, going in to offseason and recruiting and giving them a good taste in their mouth. I think more important is how we won it. Going late into the fourth quarter and the last drive and to be able to finish a game, that’s a valuable lesson for our guys to learn. Overall on the season, it wasn’t the type of season you had hoped to have but what were some of the positives that you were able to take away from the year?
DM: I think one thing is our players learned how to compete every Saturday. We really played hard and there’s no quit in these guys which is a valuable thing to have as a foundation for your program. The schedule, as difficult as it was, will help us down the road because it showed our guys how you really have to compete to play at a high level each week and what those type of teams look like.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/26/13 Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/26/13 Obviously a disappointing outcome from the game on Saturday. Your thoughts on the game?
Doug Martin: We were really outmatched athletically when you look at the two teams. The team speed on both sides, it was really a drastic difference. That was really the difference in the game. We just couldn’t run well enough to keep up with them right now and eliminate the big plays on defense and create big plays on offense. That was really the difference in the game. That one is all about recruiting. Given the way your team had played the previous three weeks I’m sure you didn’t expect for your team to come out and have that outcome. What did you talk to your players about after the game?
DM: I just talked to them about Idaho and Idaho’s a team that’s exactly in the same place we are. They played an independent schedule, their record is the same, statistically we’re the same. Whatever team comes out here Saturday and wants to win a football game is going to win it. The difference between Saturday and the three previous weeks is we didn’t have the biggest differential in speed. Boston College didn’t have a great differential in speed on us but Florida Atlantic did and that’s what I was afraid of going into the game. Looking at the Idaho game, they’re very similar statistically. What do you see from them on film?
DM: The positives they have on offense, I think their quarterback is a good player. I think the starting running back is excellent and their wide receiver, Dezmon Epps, has great speed. Those are the three guys and that’s what they’re making a living with. They do a great job throwing the football. It’s a passing team and they’ve done a nice job of getting the ball in their playmakers’ hands. Defensively they’re an impressive looking team. Their statistics don’t bear that out but again they’ve played the same type of schedule we have so there’s some misconception there. I think they’re a pretty good defensive team, especially up front.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/19/13 Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/19/13 How was the bye week for the team?
Doug Martin: It was good. There were two emphasis. Number one we wanted to get our players freshened up. We’ve had a grueling schedule and we’re at the end of it now. I think the thing that gives us the best chance to win is to be as fresh and fast as we possibly can for these last two games. We lightened things up a little bit, gave the a couple days off and started practicing on Sunday. The other part was the recruiting. We sent the entire staff out recruiting and helped get us a head start on that. From a recovery standpoint, obviously the schedule has been physically demanding but what have the challenges been from a mental standpoint and how much does that factor into the bye week and having a chance to refresh from a mental standpoint?
DM: I think it’s big. We’ve played a lot of games that were in the fourth quarter and were close and it’s been kind of mentally exhausting too, just not being able to close out some games and be more productive in the win column. It’s nice to give the players a chance to get away a little bit just to refresh their minds and understand how important these last two games are. If we win these last two games we get some real momentum going into recruiting. I think we’ve already shown progress by just competing with this schedule that we have but it’d be nice to put some more wins on our side.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/12/13 Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/12/13 Your thoughts on the game against Boston College?
Doug Martin: I think our players played their hearts out. They competed, they played physical. In fact I would say we played more physical than Boston College and that was the challenge that we had laid down for our football team. I can’t say enough about our players’ attitudes and resilience. They walked out of that game with a lot of pride and I think a lot of confidence out of that football game and the last two games.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank our fans that showed up. They were outstanding and our players certainly appreciated how loud they were and the standing ovation they gave our team was remarkable. That doesn’t happen anywhere and we certainly appreciated those people that showed up. I asked you think question after the Abilene Christian game but how much did winning that game contributed to the way your team has come out and played these last two weekends?
DM: I think it certainly has made a difference. It freed these guys up to not carry that losing streak around and to just go out and play with a lot more confidence and expecting to win. Our players, I promise you, expected to win at Lafayette and they expected to win against Boston College. I think that win against Abilene certainly freed them up to have that attitude.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/05/13 Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/05/13 Your team had a really fine effort against Louisiana on Saturday. Your thoughts on the game?
Doug Martin: We really did compete hard and it was a good litmus test of what we’re walking into in the Sun Belt Conference. That’s obviously the best team in the Sun Belt right now. I think we can compete in that league. We’re behind a little bit at key positions comparing ourselves to them. Their defensive front seven and quarterback. They’ve got a big advantage right now. If we can recruit those areas it really showed us we can compete in that conference. Offensively your team did a lot of really good things on Saturday and we saw a lot of things you hadn’t shown earlier in the season just with different personnel at different positions. Is that something you’d like to see more of?
DM: Of course earlier in the season we didn’t have Austin Franklin so we didn’t have the ability to put him in the backfield, Tra Colwell has been hurt and then back and then hurt and then back so we just had the ability to do that with him. This was kind of necessitated because we didn’t have our top two running backs because Betancourt is out and Morrison was out. I thought Coach Brandon did a good job of creating ways for us to move the ball. The negative to that is that it only lasts so long. Lafayette caught on to it in the second half and obviously played it a lot better. That’s a problem when you have to do those things. Eventually defenses catch up to.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 10/29/13 Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 10/29/13 The obvious question of course is what was going through your mind on that final play?
Doug Martin: I was just hoping somebody would make a play. Tra Nixon made a tremendous play to get the kid down. They made a great play lateraling the ball. We should have never let that happen. The lateral after the catch was a heads up play by their kid and I was just really hopeful we could make a play to get that win. Our kids have showed great character and they’ve competed every week under difficult conditions and it was nice to see them get rewarded. You trailed 22-21 going into the half, you gave up a touchdown drive going into the half. What did you talk to the team about at halftime?
DM: Just that we had to do two things. Number one, we had to find a way to get some stops on defense and offensively we had to keep scoring points because it was obvious we were not going to be able to shut them out. It was real important that our offense keep pace with them. We ended up getting the 12 point lead which was huge and probably won the football game for us, offensively just managing to get points on the board.  Continue Reading This Post >>