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The Daily Aggie :: New Mexico State Seeding Scenarios

Coming off another disappointing road trip the Aggies have slipped from second to third behind Boise State who has one game remaining. Boise State had a midseason swoon in which they lost six of seven games but have rebounded with five in a row including four straight conference games to move into second place. The Broncos finish up with a home game against San Jose State and can finish 10-6. There are two games left for the Aggies and they face Utah State and Nevada at home. They can finish 10-6 and if they do, they'll earn the 2-seed due winning the tiebreaker with Boise State. The two teams split their regular season meetings but the Aggies would earn the 2-seed in this scenario because they would have spit with Utah State while the Broncos were swept by USU.

The armageddon scenario for the WAC would be the one in which Hawai'i and Nevada both win their final two games to finish 9-7, New Mexico State splits and finishes 9-7 (beating Utah State and losing to Nevada), Idaho defeats Fresno State to finish 9-7 and Boise State loses to San Jose State to finish 9-7. That would render a 5-way tie for second place.

The first tiebreaker when there are more than two teams tied is to look at each teams' head-to-head record against the teams they are tied with. In this scenario the records would be as follows:

Boise State: 5-3 (swept Idaho, split with Nevada, New Mexico State, Hawai'i)
New Mexico State: 4-4 (swept Idaho, split with Boise State, Hawai'i, swept by Nevada)
Idaho: 4-4 (swept Hawai'i and Nevada, swept by Boise State and New Mexico State)
Nevada: 4-4 (swept New Mexico State, split with Boise State and Hawai'i, swept by Idaho)
Hawai'i: 3-5 (split with Boise State, Nevada and New Mexico State, swept by Idaho)

In this scenario Boise State would earn the 2-seed by virtue of finishing with the best head-to-head record among the four other teams they're tied with. Hawai'i would be seeded 6th because of a 3-5 record against the other four teams.

Here's where it gets tricky. NMSU, Idaho and Nevada would each sport a 4-4 record against the other four teams with NMSU sweeping Idaho, Idaho sweeping Nevada and Nevada sweeping New Mexico State. According to Jason Erickson, the WAC's men's basketball media relations director, in that case then the three teams' records against the team starting from first place down would examined (in this case Utah State). Since Idaho and New Mexico State both split with the Utags and NMSU split with Boise State and Idaho was swept, NMSU would earn the 3-seed, Idaho the 4-seed and Nevada the 5-seed (UI would own the head-to-head tiebreaker with Nevada).

The Aggie men control their own destiny. Win out and they earn the 2-seed if they don't then things look like this:

2-seed: Aggies win out
2-seed: Aggies defeat USU, lose to Nevada, BSU loses to SJSU, Nevada loses to LA Tech

3-seed: Aggies defeat USU, lose to Nevada, BSU loses to SJSU, Nevada defeats to LA Tech, Idaho loses to Fresno State
3-seed: Aggies defeat USU, lose to Nevada, Nevada defeats LA Tech, Idaho defeats Fresno State, BSU defeats SJSU
3-seed: Aggies lose to USU, defeat Nevada and BSU loses to SJSU (BSU wins tie-breaker due to sweep of Fresno State)
3-seed: Aggies lose to USU, defeat Nevada, BSU defeats SJSU

4-seed: Aggies defeat USU, lose to Nevada, Nevada defeats LA Tech, Idaho defeats Fresno State (Aggies own head-to-head tiebreaker with Idaho)
4-seed: Aggies defeat USU, lose to Nevada, Nevada defeats LA Tech, BSU loses to SJSU, Idaho defeats Fresno State
4-seed: Aggies lose to USU and Nevada, Nevada defeats LA Tech, Idaho loses to Fresno State

5-seed: Aggies lose to USU and Nevada, Nevada defeats LA Tech, Idaho defeats Fresno State

That's our best guess of the scenarios. There's probably a scenario or two that we missed but that's about the gist of it. Hopefully the Aggies just win out and avoid all this mess.

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Wendell McKines To Redshirt 2010-2011 Season

Written By: NM State Athletic Dept.

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - New Mexico State men’s basketball senior forward Wendell McKines has decided to redshirt the 2010-11 season, head coach Marvin Menzies announced. McKines has been sidelined this year due to a broken foot he sustained in mid-October.
“After going back and forth on this tough decision, we came to the conclusion that for all parties involved the best thing for Wendell was to return for his senior season next year,” Menzies said. “The deciding factors for Wendell were his desire to complete his degree and to have a full season under his belt in his final season.”
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The Daily Aggie :: 12/27/10 :: WAC Men's Basketball Preview

WAC play start this week for the Aggie men's basketball team and a quick look at the league's RPI shows that the WAC has had a rough go of it this season which was to be expected when you lose the amount of talent that the WAC collective lost.

As a league, the WAC is the 15th ranked RPI league which is up five spots from just two weeks ago when it was the 19th ranked league. This is in large part due to victories by New Mexico State over Pacific, Idaho over Oregon and Hawai'i with wins over Utah and Mississippi State in the Diamond Head Classic during Christmas break.

Utah State is the only WAC team in the RPI Top 100 (56th) but has dropped over 20 spots in the last two weeks despite not losing any games. That's due in large part to a two week stretch that saw them play CS-Bakersfield (234), Utah Valley (291), Idaho State (235), Western Michigan (180) and Troy (297).

The league has an overall winning record in non-conference play, 54-46 (Division I games only), but has a strength of schedule that ranks 29th out of 32 conferences. New Mexico State has done their part in terms of scheduling with an SOS of 77, however, they have just a 4-8 record against Division I opponents and are 0-8 against teams with a Top 125 RPI.

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