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Football Commentary

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Good Morning Aggie Fans,

Hal Mumme's status has become an emotionally charged situation for Aggie fans. In order to maintain, what we believe to be, our level of respect with the university and the NMSU community as a whole we have taken the path that whatever is going to happen will happen and that the powers that be will make the best decision for the future of Aggie football. In the mean time we are not going to post possibly false or inflammatory information. As we have seen over the past week many media outlets, not to mention many other internet sites, have prematurely ended Coach Mumme's tenure at the university.

The mission of from day one has been and will continue to be to promote our alma mater New Mexico State University, the athletic department, the coaches, the players and the staff in a positive manner.

In our opinion this type of situation offers no benefit to NMSU athletics from a publicity standpoint, nor is it fair to the players, families, and individuals that are affected by this situation. Until this situation is resolved, there will probably be less acceptance for links or videos that claim the end of Mumme's tenure or offer more fuel to the situation.

We sincerely hope that you can understand our position, and that you will continue visit our site for all of your Aggie Information. staff

Aggies Survive A Scare 20-17

Down three key receivers in the Air Raid, the Aggie defense came to the rescue picking off Arkansas-Pine Bluff off a tipped ball near the goal line with a little under three minutes left in the game. It was the first interception thrown by the Golden Lions all season.

Paul Young hit a 37-yard field goal to put the Aggies up 20-17 with .7 seconds left and the Aggies avoided a catastrophic loss.

Chase Holbrook was injured midway through the fourth quarter, taking a shot to the ribs. Freshman J.J. McDermott came into the game on the next offensive possession. The Aggies were forced to punt and Arkansas-Pine Bluff got the ball inside the Aggie 30 yard line. That's when the Aggie defense came up with the game saving interception in the endzone.

Chase was still on the bench when the Aggies came out for their final drive. After the Aggies got the ball to their own 45, Chase, showing the same toughness he showed late last season, came back into the game to lead the Aggies down the field for the game winning field goal.

More coverage tomorrow.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Irresistible Forces vs. Immovable Objects; The Air Raid Vs. The Auburn D

Will the Aggies beat Auburn? That's the proverbial and literal million dollar (which is I believe is fairly close to the payout for the game) question. The answer will be provided over the course of three and a half hours tomorrow evening and will depend a lot on whether Chase Holbrook and the Aggie Air Raid offense can do something that very few teams have done against Auburn's stingy defense: pass for 300 plus yards and/or throw more than two touchdown passes (this obviously being the more important of the two stats).

Over the past five seasons and through the first three games of this season, 67 games in all, the Tigers' defense has only given up five 300+ yard passing games and no team has passed for more than 355 yards during that span. This is significant because the Tigers lost two of those games. The last team to throw for 300 yards on the Auburn defense? Wisconsin with 301 yards in the Capital One Bowl back in 2006 (24-10 winners).  Continue Reading This Post >>

Ah! Tis is a Sweet Victory Part II

The Aggies defeat the UTEP Miners 29 - 24.

Both Chase Holbrook and Chris Williams had extraordinary nights.

We will have more tomorrow, in the mean time we'll be celebrating another big Aggie Weekend, and we hope you will be also!