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bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview | bleedCrimson.net :: Your Source for NMSU Aggies Sports News

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview

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bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview :: 02/24/15

bleedCrimson.net: Your thoughts on your team’s play at the Diamond Devil Invitational in Tempe?
Cat Heifner: I thought we played well. I thought we gave ourselves chances in each ballgame and we came out a little bit on our heels in the Minnesota game and even though it didn’t show up in the stats, you could see our confidence build within that game and we were really attacking our plan and doing some things that maybe didn’t show up in the box score. That gave us confidence for the rest of the weekend.

Frankly I thought we played ASU as well as you could without winning. I thought it was a good weekend. Every weekend with this group we’re seeing lots of growth. It’s fun to see and fun to coach because we can sit them down and say, “Okay we’re here, let’s try this and this and this,” and they get after it and the next week we see improvement. It’s really been a fun ride so far.

bc.net: As the offensive coach, what have you seen from your team through the first three weekends in terms of growth?
CH: What I think we’ve seen is that we have depth. We’re playing some pretty good opponents and so the first two weekends we saw a bunch of offense, we were at home, I think we were in our own element, very comfortable. This weekend we went on the road and I think your first weekend on the road, it’s an adjustment period and I still think we did well offensively. What I really liked in Tempe was that we were clutch. Any coach would trade a lot of offense for clutch offense. That really played out in each of our games and so we may not have scored double-digit runs in every game but we did great situationally and we had some really clutch offense come through.  Continue Reading This Post >>

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview :: 02/10/15

bleedCrimson.net: You probably learned as much about your team as you could possibly hope for in an opening weekend. Your thoughts?
Kathy Rodolph: I agree. It was a very interesting weekend. Lots of offense. I felt like collectively there was a great group of hitters on all the teams. I felt like it was great competition right out of the box. I tip my hat to Texas Tech. That game we came out a little nervous with opening game jitters and led the majority of the game but let it slip away from us. But then I really liked how we responded against Nebraska. That was one of the craziest offensive games I’ve seen in my entire life.

bc.net: That Nebraska game was unique for a few different reasons but this was also a game that I’m not sure some of your other teams in the past would have won, particularly in an opening weekend.
KR: I totally agree. Our response, when we gave up seven runs in the top of the sixth, it was the most unbelievable display of offensive power by two teams that I’ve ever seen. We punched them, they punched us, we punched them, they punched us. It was a great game. Not a great game in the circle in the sense that both of us struggled trying to slow down the other ones’ offense but the hitters were unbelievable.  Continue Reading This Post >>

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview :: 2015 Season Preview

bleedCrimson.net: Give us a position by position look at how the team is going to shape up for the 2015 season.
Kathy Rodolph: We’ll start behind the plate. It looks like Tatum Reedy and more than likely Lacey Rother. Lacey played right for us last year and we really feel like it might be more beneficial to have her fit in behind the plate. We recruited her as a catch, we just hadn’t caught her. Tatum Reedy has definitely earned the top catching spot as far as managing the pitchers and managing the game.

Moving into the pitching circle, Karysta Donisthorpe is healthy this year. I’m excited that she’s come back strong. I think with her movement, we’re going to have great things from her.

Dallas McBride is a new freshman pitcher from Phoenix, a hard throwing left-hander. I think she’s added a whole new dimension to the circle. Along with Karysta and Dallas, Makayla McAdams is a strong drop-ball pitcher, a junior out of Tucson, has really developed an off speed and a changeup over the summer. I think that’s really going to help her be a lot stronger this year.

Nikki Diaz is a senior, local from Las Cruces. Nikki has really worked on really improving her accuracy and I think she’s going to get some innings this year.  Continue Reading This Post >>

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview :: 04/21/14

bleedCrimson.net: You had a bit of a tough series at Grand Canyon getting swept but you had mentioned before that Grand Canyon is playing with nothing to lose because they aren’t eligible for postseason and so they’re playing each weekend to prove that they belong.
Kathy Rodolph: It was one of those things that I knew they were going to play well because it was senior weekend and it was their last home event and they had also shown that they were going to go out and try to win every series because that was the best they could do. I felt like the big difference between us and them this weekend was that they just did not make errors and we made a few that cost us. When you’re the visiting team it’s hard to counteract that. Their pitchers handled our top three hitters and that was the first time that’s happened all year and we needed some other kids to step up and carry the load and we just weren’t able to get that fire going.

bc.net: You mentioned last week when we talked that you guys were going to have to play good, solid defense on the weekend to come out with wins. What were some of the struggles the team had in the series defensively?
KR: On Friday night when we ended up losing 2-0 we had a misplayed ball in left that allowed a triple and then I think frustration over the misread on the ball, we had a kid run right through the ball and the ball get to the fence. Not only did that run score then the next run was back on third and then you lose a 2-0 ballgame and you felt like it was more mental than it was physical.

Then on Saturday we were leading 2-1 in the fifth and then I made a change and I brought Celisha in because Makayla was struggling a little bit finding her changeup and then we had back-to-back errors in the middle infield that allowed them to score. Without that I think we would have been able to hold. In hindsight maybe I shouldn’t have changed Makayla because she had only given up four hits. It was a roll of the dice and maybe I guessed wrong.  Continue Reading This Post >>

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview :: 04/14/14

bleedCrimson.net: A big weekend for the team you were able to get a sweep against Bakersfield and after you got down 4-0 early in the first game of the doubleheader you really turned it on and were very dominant over the final two and a half games.
Kathy Rodolph: Because all of the teams in the WAC are new we’ve been kind of coming out to take a look at what the other team has instead of coming out and being as aggressive and assertive from the beginning. After game one we tried to make sure we corrected that and no matter who it was that was in the other dugout that we come out and be us. We play best when we’re aggressive and assertive and it makes our lineup very hard to pitch to. I was very pleased with our response and the girls did a great job of just attacking Bakersfield’s pitchers.

bc.net: What did you tell your team after you had gotten down 4-0? Was it just to start attacking?
KR: Statistically, on paper, I didn’t feel like Bakersfield could keep us off base and we had a lot of game left to play and that the defense was going to come and we were going to settle down and chip away. Lacey was just on fire. She went 5-for-5 and they walked her five times and they weren’t able to get her out and that definitely helped. And Staci Rodriguez got back on track. She had been a little bit out of sync since we moved her to the leadoff spot and her batting average came up about 150 points over the three games and she was a real tough out. I feel like hitting is contagious and when they started seeing each other be successful. We went through all of their pitchers and we were able to be aggressive enough to get all their pitchers on their heels.  Continue Reading This Post >>

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview :: 04/09/14

bleedCrimson.net: Your thoughts on the UMKC series, you were able to pick up a series victory bouncing back from a loss in the first game to win the next two.
Kathy Rodolph: It was our first time to Kansas City, that was interesting. We had great barbecue. It was really, really cold when we got there. It was 40 degrees with about 75 percent humidity and so from leaving Las Cruces at 80 to that, we didn’t play as well as I would have liked in game one and I think the weather affected us. I liked our response in game two in whatever mother nature is going to bring just get after it when we’re playing . It was just kind of different. They play at a city park and rec field and it was having to make quite a few adjustments. There weren’t batting cages or true bullpens so I think in hindsight in looking back over it it was good for us to have to be uncomfortable and make adjustments.

bc.net: The second game of the doubleheader on Friday you come back after the loss and run rule them 13-4. Obviously your team must have gotten comfortable pretty quickly because you lose and you have to turn right around and play again.
KR: What we talked to them about after the game, we were all disappointed in the way that we played in game one. We gave up nine runs and only one was earned. That tells you how many errors there were. What we talked to the kids about was you can either lick your wounds and focus on that game or understand that that game is gone and there’s nothing you can do about it but your response to it shows whether you’re a championship team or not. We really dug in and got after it in game two and I really did like our response.  Continue Reading This Post >>

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview :: 03/31/14

bleedCrimson.net: A nice big week for your team coming out of the weekend off with a win over UTEP and a sweep of Seattle.
Kathy Rodolph: We definitely came out and played well and it was something I knew they could do all year and I was excited to open conference play like that.

bc.net: We talked about it last week but it seems like the weekend off was really what your team needed. The offense got back to being what you expect the offense to be and to get four wins where there wasn’t a whole lot of drama must have been really nice.
KR: It was. It gave Cat a chance to get her hitters swinging without there being a consequence to every swing. I feel like when you get to have live BP and you get to just get back into your swing, it helps them get back in sync. The time in practice really helped give us the extra defensive effort and this weekend out defense was really clean and I was really pleased with that.

bc.net: You had two players sweep the weekly WAC awards in Alyssa Ruiz and Karyista Donisthorpe. Sweeping the weekly awards hadn’t happened before this season and now it’s happened twice.
KR: It was a special one too because it was Alyssa Ruiz, our senior catcher’s first award and she just had a breakout week. I was very happy for her. Karysta has been building back her confidence off the injury last year and getting better every week and for her to finish the final game of the Seattle series with a one-hitter was really nice too. Very promising.  Continue Reading This Post >>

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview :: 03/24/14

bleedCrimson.net: You won three of the five games out at the UNLV tournament, the final game of the tournament you lost to DePaul who is a very good program.
Kathy Rodolph: The thing about DePaul, they’re a very talented program and they did a great job of being very aggressive. It was probably one of the most aggressive teams that we had played to that point so they kind of put us on our heels, being so young. What I’ve noticed is that every weekend we get better and we’ve faced different challenges.

bc.net: The game down at UTEP was the second meeting of the year and you’ve spoken very highly of the new head coach at UTEP.
KR: I felt like we really struggled at the beginning of the game. The zone was really, really tight and it was tight for both sides, for us and for UTEP. But in the first inning we had two outs and two strikes on the batter and we ended up walking two, hitting one and giving up a single and being down 2-0 before we could get out of the inning and that kind of put us on our heels. In preparing for tomorrow night’s game you go back and look at game film and see what you could have done differently. What Karysta learned from that game was whatever the strike zone is, you’ve just got to pump it. She kept continuing to hit the same spot and kept thinking that the umpire would change his mind and so it was a very valuable lesson that if that’s not getting called then you’ve got to go somewhere else and I feel like she is so much better now than she was then. At the same time, she had an upper respiratory infection that night and I think it might have added in being more stubborn than normal in adjusting to the zone.  Continue Reading This Post >>

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview :: 02/26/14

bleedCrimson.net: Your team is on an eight game winning streak. Starting two weekends ago at the Troy Cox Classic, you had a tough Friday losing 5-0 and 13-3 but then you capped off the weekend with two walk-off wins and a come-from-behind win against Texas Tech. After the first weekend we talked about your team’s resiliency.
Kathy Rodolph: I think part of the job of the coaching staff when you have a very young team is to really be reflective and be the mirror when they need it. When they’re down being encouraging and kind of know when to really push them and when to give. The first weekend out, no doubt Nebraska and Florida State were just at a different place with their program than we are with our young program. We knew we were going to get on our heels. We wanted to see how we would respond to it. The following weekend we did not play well at all on Friday. Cat and I challenged the kids just that that’s not who we are. I can understand if we’re making routine plays and we’re just pitching as well as we can in the circle and we’re doing what we do offensively but I can’t handle when we get intimidated and get on our heels and don’t play. I think they understood it too and they had seen themselves play so much better and they knew they needed to rebound. I really feel like they did. They just started doing the little things. The little things add up. Defensively, I think we had more errors in the first weekend than we had all last year. It can make you nervous and make you cough up the ball and the speed of the game can seem so much faster and the team you’re playing so much better than you but it’s all perception. I was really proud of how we were able to play defense and how we were able to get our feet under us offensively, when we finished with Iowa State and Texas Tech, those were two really quality wins for us. That kind of led us into last weekend.  Continue Reading This Post >>

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview :: 02/10/14

bleedCrimson.net: Your thoughts on opening weekend and how you thought your team did?
Kathy Rodolph: I feel like we finished much stronger than we started. We came out with opening game jitters and played a very talented Florida State team and didn’t really handle the pressure very well. I guess I’m not overly surprised because we’re so young and we’re so new in a lot of key positions but I definitely like that we got better and played with more composure throughout the weekend and I feel like each day we got a little better.

bc.net: In the final game of the weekend, the game against UTEP, you give up six runs in the top of the sixth to give up the lead but then come back and score five runs in the bottom of the inning to retake the lead and eventually win. You’ve got to be pleased with your team’s ability to overcome the adversity and come right back and score those five runs.
KR: Absolutely. I’ve gotta tip my had to UTEP because they have a brand new coaching staff and we played them in the fall and then we played them this weekend and they are much improved. Tobin Echo-Hawk is doing a great job with them and I think they’re going to get much better and fare much better in Conference USA. With that said, I was excited that we were able, with our back against the wall, to bear down and get on, create pressure and take advantage of being the home team and having the last at bat.  Continue Reading This Post >>