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warning: Creating default object from empty value in /var/www/ on line 33. Weekly Coach Richburg Interview Weekly Coach Harkins Interview :: 10/27/10 :: WAC Championship Preview The pre-championship polls were released yesterday and your men's team was picked to finish fifth and your women's team was picked to finish second. Will that provide a little extra motivation for both of your squads on Saturday?
Paul Harkins: I would have to say so. Obviously the women won last year. Utah State did get us at the Pre-National meet but I know what we're capable of on the women's side and I would hope that everybody else does. The women's it's fair, no big deal but the men I think were grossly underrated. The meets we were going to, I don't know if the coaches realized how competitive they were versus some of the other ones and for them to pick us that low was kind of surprising. The men definitely have some extra motivation. How have the preparations for this weekend's championship meet been going? When we talked last week you mentioned that this was the first time all season that you were giving the teams some extra rest.
PH: This is the first meet we should go into feeling fully rested. We've been working them hard all season and the reason is for these next three weeks. The conference meet and the regional meet are what we've been shooting for all year. The key this week was to get their legs under them, not push them too hard, just keep them sharp enough so they're not feeling lethargic. I think we did a good job of that. I think both the men and women are ready to go and we'll see come Saturday.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Harkins Interview :: 10/22/10 Your thoughts on the performance of your two teams at the Pre-Nationals this past weekend?
Paul Harkins: I thought the men ran pretty solid, especially for a field that size as well as how many people were there and how competitive it was. The men's side had 10 nationally ranked teams in their race. They also were fighting pretty hard to get to Utah State. They came up a little short but not that short. I don't think it's an unreachable goal for conference next week.

The women, I thought a couple ran fairly well. I thought the twins did a decent job but our pack is a little bit too spread out at this point. They're a very young team and going to a meet like that is an experience that is definitely a shock the first time you go.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Harkins Interview :: 10/13/10 How has your teams' training been going the last week and a half in preparation for the Pre-National meet?
Paul Harkins: Training has been going very well. We had a great workout last night, we had a great workout last Friday and had a great workout the Tuesday before that. Both the men and women are fairly confident and I think are very ready to go. I'm hopeful that they learned quite a bit about running at sea level from the Paul Short experience going into the Pre-National meet. I think they're definitely capable of doing some good things this weekend. You've talked about the differences between running at elevation and running at sea level and the Pre-National meet will closer to sea level. What have you seen differently from your kids in the last week and a half in terms of preparation and mindset having gone through a sea-level meet at the Paul Short Invitational?
PH: I think they understand the difference in feeling a little more now. They've all ran at sea-level before but when you haven't done it in a while it can be a little bit of a shock. Plus when you're running at sea-level you're running a lot faster and if you haven't prepared for that yet, we'd only done two workouts leading up to that race where we were essentially trying to get down to sea-level race pace or faster and so I think that was a little bit of a shock to the system. I think those workouts provided some benefit but I don't think it really hit them until the week after or this week. I think they should really be ready going into the meet this weekend.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Harkins Interview :: 10/07/10 Your thoughts on your last meet the Paul Short Invitational?
Paul Harkins: It was definitely good to get that kind of experience running in that type of crowd and that type of environment. We as coaches know we definitely left something on the table out there and we know we're capable of a lot more than the results showed. It was a good first experience to go down to sea level but we know we're capable of so much more and the kids have a lot more potential than what they showed out there. Your thoughts on the performances of your men's and women's teams?
PH: The guys did a solid job of maintaining their nice, close tight pack. There were only 17 seconds from one to five which is very very good. They actually had the best spread out of anybody in the field, we were just a little too far back. But, they were a little concerned running at sea level, it's a little bit different feeling and because of that you have to push yourself a little bit harder and I think they settled a little bit too much in the middle of the race. They closed hard and were getting a lot of the guys at the end but I think they settled a little bit too much in the middle and didn't realize how hard they could push given that they were running at sea level.

When they start breathing as hard as they do at altitude, at altitude once you start breathing hard you know the end is near and at sea level it's a whole different ballgame. You can breathe hard for a lot longer and still maintain your effort and your speed.

On the girls' side it was good to have Courtney back. She's showing no ill effects from the hamstring twinge from a while ago. Her and Camille both ran solid for us up front. I think they were capable of more as well. Same thing as the men, I think they settle a little bit in the middle of the race and didn't push quite as hard as they could have just because there's that fear of dying when you're running at sea level and you start breathing harder early and I think in general that's what our teams did.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Harkins Interview :: 09/29/10 Your thoughts on the meet down at Santa Teresa, the Lori Fitzgerald Invitational, last Thursday?
Paul Harkins: I thought it was a good meet for our younger people especially and our newcomers too. It was a good opportunity for them to show us what they're capable of and give the younger a chance to lead the team and on the men's side I think they really did that, especially with Tyler Williams and Brian Simison, two freshmen coming in from Washington. I thought they did a really good job of leading the group.

On the women's side Madelyne Stoltze kind of asserted herself as our next girl in line and is trying to bridge the gap into our top eight and I think she did a good job as well.

It was good to get the rest for our other kids who are going to Pennsylvania this week and it was good for the kids who ran to get another opportunity to showcase their ability. How has the preparation and training been for this week's meet in Pennsylvania, the Paul Short Invitational?
PH: It's been going well. In our workouts getting ready for Pennsylvania which is a fairly flat course and being at sea level we have to do stuff that's a little quicker just to get our legs used to it. We've been doing some good workouts, some on the track whereas we'd typically do a lot of stuff on the roads or on the grass and the trails and things like that. We did a couple workouts on the track last week and this week just to get them up to speed essentially for the sea level paces. They just run so much faster at sea level we don't want it to be a complete shock to our system when we go down there.

They're doing well, they're working out well. We've had a few sicknesses here and there but I think everybody is rounding into form at the right time and I think we're going to be ready to go.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Harkins Interview :: 09/22/10 Your thoughts on your teams' performance this past weekend at the Kachina Classic?
Paul Harkins: I thought it was really solid. We ran without our number one on both the men's and the women's side (Ian Ruybalid and Courtney Schultz) yet the women still closed the gap on UTEP from two weeks prior at the Lobo Invitational. They did really well. Camille Schultz had an awesome race especially without her sister in the race. She did a fantastic job charging after those UTEP girls.

On the men's side it was a solid performance. I was hoping we could still get them without Ian but Kevin Taft had a great race and almost got the two UTEP guys at the end but just got outkicked. Everybody else ran very well as well. It was a great home meet despite the fact that we were beating them up pretty hard workout wise and without running our top runners Ian Ruybalid on the men's side and Courtney Schultz on the women's side. It was a good race. As far as your times this year versus last year how did your teams do?
PH: There was a little bit of a change to the course, it wasn't really anything huge but it did take a little bit of distance off and shortened it up so time-wise it's tough to compare. But I think it was pretty comparable distance-wise to the UNM course but it was a little bit more challenging. We're comparing our times to the meet two weeks prior (Lobo Invitational) and I think it was really good. Most of our people ran on a little bit tougher course at least as fast if not faster. They're just showing their progression season to season.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Harkins Interview :: 09/16/10 How has your team's preparation for the Kachina Classic been the past couple of weeks since your meet in Albuquerque?
Paul Harkins: It's been tough, the kids have been handling it very well though. We've had two really good workouts this week, Monday and Wednesday, it was intense but they're handling it well and looking sharp and looking ready to go. As far as times are concerned based on how your teams performed last year what are you looking for for improvements?
PH: I think we'll have some solid improvements. Based on how everybody's been running we've had three girls running faster than where our number one was a year ago and on the men's side we've had anywhere from four to six or seven guys running faster than our number one was a year ago. I definitely think they should probably be running a bit faster. Of course, who knows, if we get a rain storm or something like that the night before and turns the golf course soggy you never know. But that would be my expectation. Everybody should be improving but I think we'll have a solid group running ahead of where our number one did a year ago on both sides.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Harkins Interview :: 09/08/10 Your thoughts on the first meet of the season up in Albuquerque?
Paul Harkins: We thought the weekend went really well. It was an unsecured competition. On the women's side if it was scored we would have been third behind two teams that are ranked in the Top 20, both UNM and UTEP. We had three girls run faster than we've every had anybody run there before, at least since we've been here.

The twins [Courtney and Camille Schultz] finished in the Top 10 and they were running with some very very good competition, All-American types who have been at the national meet. Chelsa McDonnell had a great day, Jenna Padilla had a great day. She had run the course before as a high school senior and probably before that also but she ran 28 seconds faster than she had ever done before. So it was good all around.

On the men's side, the men ran absolutely fantastic. They showed that they've really done their work over the summer. If it was a scored meet, they would have finished second there behind UNM and would have beaten UTEP for what would be the first time in school history which is pretty exciting.

We had four guys run faster than our number one did a year ago and our fifth was a second off of what our number one did a year ago. We had five guys finish under 26 minutes and had five or six more guys run within 30 seconds of that. It was exciting to see where things started off. The guys and girls did a great job.  Continue Reading This Post >> Coach Harkins Interview :: 11/11/09

The Aggie men's and women's cross country teams head to Albuquerque, N.M. this weekend for the NCAA Regional Meet. We spoke with one half of the Aggies' Co-WAC Coaches of the Year Paul Harkins about the team's preparation for the NCAA Regionals. This weekend you head up to Albuquerque for the NCAA Regional Meet, what are you goals for the weekend?
Paul Harkins: It's the culmination of our season for the most part. I think we've got a chance of getting a couple girls to qualify for the National meet. We're looking to improve on what we did last year. I think we're capable of placing in the top 10 on both sides. If the men place 10th they're running really well and I think the women are capable of 8th but our goal is 7th. It's going to be tough but if we can do that it'll set us up really well for next year. The NCAA Regional meet for the Mountain region will be in Albuquerque, a place that you are very familiar with. What advantages does that give your team?
PH: Running in Albuquerque is almost like running at home for us. We have so many kids on our team from the Albuquerque area, I know we can have close to probably 30 parents up there. It's also a nice easy drive for the kids that aren't running. They'll all be up there to support the team. I think some of the track girls will come up to support the team. It's like running at home for us. We know the course well, we run it every year, it's a little bit different but we know the terrain well enough that we know what changes have been made and how that may affect us. It's essentially like running at home and we have a huge amount of support in that area up there. It's really exciting. It'll be a fun time regardless of outcome because bringing together all the parents and friends and family is always a lot of fun.  Continue Reading This Post >> Coach Harkins Interview :: 10/19/09 will be conducting regular interviews with the New Mexico State cross country coaching staff as the Aggies enter their third season under head coach Orin Richburg. We spoke with assistant coach Paul Harkins about the men's and women's cross country squads and the women's victory and the men's 7th place finish at the meet in Santa Clara, Calif. as well as their outlook for the WAC Championship meet at the end of the month. Talk about your kids' performance this past weekend at Santa Clara. The women's team won the meet and the men's team finished five places better than last year at 7th.
Paul Harkins: The men are still running tough. They had a five spot improvement from last year. They were 12th a year ago and finished 7th this year out of 17 teams. We had five guys run faster than our number one did a year ago. They're steadily getting better. With such a young group it's very exciting to see and project what they're going to do in a couple of years. We had five freshmen, four sophomores and one junior in our top 10 that we took to Santa Clara this weekend. They had a good meet. They're capable of more but we're going to rest up the next couple of weeks and get them ready for conference. We'll cut back their mileage just a little bit and get them ready to go.

On the women's side, they were absolutely fantastic. The women were fifth a year ago and this year they came in and had an absolutely dominating performance. They won the meet by 40 points over San Francisco and it was exciting. We had three girls in the top seven and one more in the top 20 and our fifth scorer was in the top 25. It was very exciting. Just to see where these kids have come from, where the team has come from and to go out and have a win at a major invitational like that is very exciting.  Continue Reading This Post >>