Confessions of an NMSU Volleyball Addict

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Michael Jordan has a new Best Friend

The 2009 Volleyball commercial is out.
I wonder how Ryno the WonderPup feels about this.

Ticket Time!

I've just gotten word that if you had reserved seats for volleyball last year, you can now renew them at the Pan Am Box Office. Make sure you do it quickly as seating as changed a little bit this year. The reserved section is ONLY behind the team bench in section 124. It is a limited area.

Don't delay! Get them as soon as you can!

Italian National Team to play in Volleyball Tournament

Now this is a great way to start off a Monday. - Italian National Team coming to Las Cruces.

Like the article says, we love the fact that Coach Jordan loves to bring in teams to challenge our Aggies and this is proof of that. This team consists of Olympians and junior national players. If you've never been to a volleyball match, this is one you need to write down on your calendar, circle it and then put Post It's around the house to remember. You do NOT want to miss this.

TICKET NEWS: Tickets should be available for purchase in the very very near future. We'll let you know when!

This fall, I'm going to be utilizing the power of Twitter to post scores for volleyball and soccer. If you're interested in keeping up, feel free to do the Follow Thing:

Lady Aggie Volleyball Heads To Albuquerque

After a fun weekend in Tucson, the Lady Aggie Volleyball team will be heading to Albuquerque to play in UNM's spring tournament this Saturday, April 4. It starts at 9am and I believe it's happening in Johnson Gym. Admission should be free.

NMSU will be fielding two teams as will UNM. Each match is best out of three with usual scoring.

Here's the set up/schedule:  Continue Reading This Post >>

Welcome to Aggie Volleyball Coach Don Flora

The Sun News is reporting today that Coach Jordan has hired his replacement for Ashley Hardee - Don Flora.

From a fan perspective who's followed the program for a quite a while, it was hard to have Ashley leave us for his new 'digs' - pun intended. Ash had been there from the start of my volleyball obsession. When Debby Baker left last year, it was just as hard but as we fans talked about it, we were quite proud. It's a symbol of the program and the talent that Coach Jordan has established at NMSU. For his assistants to be promoted to head coaching jobs elsewhere is a sign that there is a lot of respect for the program.   Continue Reading This Post >>

I'm impressed!

This afternoon's charity match between the brothers of Lambda Chi and the womens volleyball team was pretty good. I - and the rest of the Sideout members/Tailgaters - were quite impressed with the talent and sheer determination of Lambda Chi. Even though the outcome was what we thought it would be - 3-0 in favor of the Lady Aggies, we tip our hat to the brothers. They had a great crowd of supporters and it looks like they collected a nice haul of canned food for their philanthropy project.

Perhaps this will be an annual event - the winner of the intramural volleyball tournament will take on the Lady Aggies.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Lambda Chi Alpha Readies for Best of Five VB Match

I had an opportunity to talk with Kyle Merhege of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity regarding their upcoming match against the Womens Volleyball team. Remember, it's this Saturday, March 14th at 3pm in the Activities Center. Admission is $2 or 2 cans of food.

Lambda Chi is the intramural VB champion. What's the secret to your success in wiping out the competition?

The Lambda Chi volleyball team takes volleyball very seriously. We consider it a year round sport for the team with sand volleyball during the summers and long hours in the gym the rest of the year. We always work towards perfection!   Continue Reading This Post >>

NEWS FLASH: Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity loses its mind! Challenges Women's VB To Best of 5 Match!!

Lambda Chi...what are you thinking?????

Actually I love this and think its going to be fun to watch. The fraternity was the intramural VB champs and, in order to help raise funds for the local Red Cross and North American Canned Food Association, challeged Mike Jordan's team to a fundraising best of 5 match.
It will take place at 3pm on March 14th at the Activity Center. Admission is open to the community for 2 bucks or 2 canned food items.

I tip my hat to Lambda Chi (of which I was a Little Sister when I was in college) and to Mike Jordan and crew for doing this. What a great philanthropy project!

Calling all Albuquerque Aggies! A meet and greet and a clinic!

Friday, March 6, 2009
Meet and Greet the NMSU Volleyball Team
Route 66 Casino Hotel
Time: 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Open to the community, employees, and Alumni
Special Guests include: Coach Michael Jordan and
Jerry Smith, Executive Staff and Board Member

Saturday, March 7, 2009
NMSU Volleyball Clinic
Laguna Middle School
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 1 p.m.

And a side note for all Volleyball Fans - All of us here at Bleed Crimson wish Stevi Adams and her fiance all the best as they celebrate their wedding this weekend in Texas!

NMSU Volleyball Camp - For Old People!

Yes, that's what it was today at the AC on campus. Volleyball Camp for Old People. About 25 or so Aggie Fans showed up for the 1st Adult Camp hosted by the team.

It might sound crazy but as much as my legs and arms hurt, it was a blast. We started off with Chris going over the basics for us - rotations, what each positions does, defense/offense, and so on. As a fan, it was really great to get to know these basics. It's going to be nice to have that knowledge when we get into the season.  Continue Reading This Post >>