Confessions of an NMSU Volleyball Addict

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A Night in Volleyball Land

It's always nice to spend some time with volleyball fans and the team.

I had a great time tonight at the Fulton Center at the 2nd Annual Volleyball Banquet. The ladies, as usual, looked spectacular. They were dressed up and looking sharp - and, as usual, we had a hard time picking out who was who.

Awards: Krystal Torres - MVP; Erin Birmingham - Coaches Award; Kelli Goodan - Most Improved

Now, onto some volleyball news:

Spring ball will take place in Tucson again this year on March 27th as well as in Albuquerque on April 4th. Those are the only details I have right now but I'll let ya know when I get more information. (Yes, the tailgaters will be in Tucson and quite possibly Alb.)

Teams to be on the schedule this fall - University of Illinois, UT, Notre Dame (There), Wisconsin and Central Florida. I, of course, forgot to ask Coach when the official schedule would be out.  Continue Reading This Post >>

It's a loooooong winter....

The hardest thing about being a volleyball fan is the waiting. There are a lot of months between first serves. 8 to be exact. So, suffice to say I was thrilled when I opened my email today to find 2 volleyball events approaching quickly!

Coming up on February 19th, the Annual Post Season Volleyball Banquet will be held at the Fulton Center, 3rd floor at 6pm. The cost is $25 and is truly fun. It's nice to get a season wrap up, and get some news on the upcoming season as well as find out the spring schedule. (I've not heard anything about spring play but we'll let you know when we do hear something.) If you'd like to attend the event, get in touch with Tricia Wright at 646-7714.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Welcome Home Aggies!

The Volleyball team arrives into El Paso today around 1pm.

Since there's a womens Basketball game (vs UTEP mind you) at 5pm, the Tailgaters will be setting up earlier than usual to welcome the team back. If you can, come by the Pan Am Center TODAY at 1:45pm. Look for the blue canopy and help us welcome these Amazin' Aggies home!!

Removal of Back Riding Monkey - Complete

As Asst Coach Ashley Hardee said tonight in the post game interview, "Hey Kyle...will you get this thing off my back?"

Bye bye Mr. First Round of the NCAA VB Tournament Monkey. We don't need you anymore.

Aside from the usual suspects - Lindsey, Amber, and Krystal - Kelli Goodan, Whitney Woods and Erin Birmingham really stepped it up tonight. They came in and made some very important and key plays. Alyssa Gintant was absolutely amazing as well - she got her first double double of the year, grabbing 28 assists and 11 digs.

It sounded like a nice Aggie crowd was there - I'm sure there were quite a few parents in the stands...possibly even Coach's parents.
Oh, what I would have given to be there!!! (I wonder if it's possible to hit the road and get there for the game tomorrow...)

Check back tomorrow. We'll have more information for you on how to watch and listen tomorrow night at 9pm Aggie Time as we roll into the 2nd round!

Finally....  Continue Reading This Post >>

NCAA Tournament Round 1

The Aggies will take on St Mary's tomorrow night in California. Game time is 7pm Aggie time.

It looks like there will be video for it, although I don't know if it will be free or not. Our match isn't listed yet. I'll post again when it shows up.

Ed. Update: From our conversations with the NCAA last season regarding the LSU match, we were informed that all streaming media from the host site must be made available for free.

Mixed feelings on this day of being thankful

I don't know quite what to say today.

It should be a wonderful day - full of great food, wonderful friends and fun times as well as volleyball. But, I just can't get into.

Today is Senior Night. Aggie fans don't like Senior Night. Senior Night means the season is, for all intents and purposes, is over. It means having to go back to counting down the days until the season starts again. It means checking around for news of spring ball.
More importantly, it means saying goodbye and I really hate saying goodbye.

I started watching Aggie volleyball 4 years ago. So this senior class is the class that I started my volleyball addiction with. I watched as Krystal and Amber became amazing forces in their respective positions. I got to learn a lot about Lindsey and Alyssa and realize what tremendous athletes they are. While watching each of them, I took mental notes then rushed home to the net to look up different things about each position.   Continue Reading This Post >>

Should have tossed a little more salt over my shoulder

The Lady Aggies fell in 4 to Hawaii in the WAC Championship match - 19-25, 27-25, 18-25 and 9-25.

Congratulations to the All Tourny Aggies - Lindsey, Krystal and Amber.

I'm not sure if there is anything else to say about the matches. I watched and I saw an extremely competitive team in the first 3 matches. I have no idea at all as to what happened in that 4th set. None at all and, listening to Coach, I don't think he did either.

But, as always, we're proud of our Lady Aggies - there's no doubt about that.

If you are, too, please come out to the Pan Am tomorrow between noon and 12:15-ish. The Lady Aggies land in El Paso at 11:30am and should be back to the Pan Am (in front) around 12:30, 12:45.

From The Semi-Finals

UPDATE: If you're wanting to listen to Kyle D, there is high school football on AM 570 right now and Kyle will be providing updates.

I would HIGHLY suggest that you get the WAC TV package. K5 - Hawaii telemedia - is broadcasting the game tonight with MANY camera angles. IT's going to be like an actual game! ;0

EDIT: The Aggies pulled it off in 3! Way to go! Amber Simpson had an amazing game and hit .619 with 14 kills and 1 error. Erin Birmingham hit 571 with 4 kills and no errors. I'm still waiting for full stats to show up to see the whole picture.

There were some great shots of the Aggie faithful in the stands - many team parents as well as a couple of our tailgaters! They were loud and VERY proud!

Onto the Semi-Finals

First off, I'd like to say how wonderful it is to have the ability to watch the tournament online. It's great. I actually watched a bit of volleyball yesterday - thanks to my rebate card from Verizon! I checked out the Idaho/Nevada match and then the Utah St/San Jose match. I grabbed dinner and settled down for the Aggie/Fresno match.

Now, I would like to state for the official record that the camera angle leaves so much to be desired. There's a reason most folks don't sit at the end of the court. Perhaps next year, WAC TV can re-assess things and maybe bring in another camera. We don't need close ups of the players - just a better angle.

My set up last night had the WAC TV feed up with the live stats from the UH website in another window because WAC TV didn't show the score. Maybe WAC TV could splurge a little more for some graphics next year as well. I listened to Kyle D a bit but his broadcast was about :90 behind the action I was seeing online.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Coming down off my cloud

Saturday night was magical. It was the culmination of an amazing journey for a tremendously talented group of student/athletes and staff of coaches.

Aside from the strange antics of those clad in black and white striped shirts (we're still scratching our heads), it was pretty much a perfect evening. Perfect from the stand point of a nice crowd of 2400+ with many new faces.

The NMSU Women's Volleyball Team is the WAC Champion. Yes, yes, yes, I know and have been told repeatedly by others that it's a share of the title. I don't care about that. They did it. The emotion of Coach Jordan when he took the mic after the game got to all of us. No, Coach, marriage hasn't made you soft. In the many times that we talked on the radio and in person, this was one of the many goals you set for the program and you achieved it.

Now, off to Hawaii.  Continue Reading This Post >>