Confessions of an NMSU Volleyball Addict

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1st (Annual) Spring Volleyball Scrimmage and Picnic

Everyone is invited to the 1st (annual) Spring Scrimmage and Picnic, this Saturday - April 26. The game is at noon and should run til about 2pm and the picnic will follow from 2-4pm. If you'd like to go, drop Stevi Adams a note - - so they can get a headcount. They'll be providing the hamburgers and drinks. If you can be there, we're being asked to bring along a side dish to supplement the burgers!

Also, it'll be a great chance to renew or even join the Side Out Club!

Hope to see you there!

Tucson is down in the history books

Well, at least the Tailgaters History Book. Our first out of state tailgate raised some eyebrows and also introduced us to some passerbyers. We came out in force - I would estimate about 20 Aggie faithful made the trip to watch this 'tournament'. We were loud as well, which - if you know us - is tradition.

The 1st match started at 10am and, I hate to say it, but the Aggies were rusty. There were problems with service, back sets and regular assignments. Lindsey Yon and Whitney Phillips didn't play but the rest of the team was suited up and ready to go, including Kim Oguh. It was our first time watching the team without Bri, Anna and Jordan.

The team was dominated by the Wildcats in the first two sets, came back to win the third but dropped the 4th. 3-1 Wildcats when we broke for lunch. The bright spots were Whitney Woods who really stepped up when needed on the court as did Kelli Goodan.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Hello from Tucson/Houston Tournament News

Tucson is a beautiful town. The drivers are a little scary, however!

Tomorrow is game day. Or is that set day? I can't keep the new terms straight so forgive me - it's game day. First serve is at 10am at the McKale Center. I drove by the campus today - very nice. Oh, to have a football stadium like that. I'll update tomorrow afternoon after the matches/games/sets/whatever are over.


April 11 - 13th, the Lady Aggies will be in Houston for the Texas Tornados College tournament. This is a huge, huge tournament. Our team is the feature match on Friday, the 11th at 730pm when they take on Oklahoma. The tournament will be held at the Texas Tornados Training Facility Other teams include: Arkansas, Baylor, Houston, Kansas State, Louisiana Lafayette, New Mexico State, New Orleans, Notre Dame, Oklahoma,   Continue Reading This Post >>

Spring volleyball! Here we come!

It's off to Tucson tomorrow for this Volleyball Addict. Along with catching up with friends, it's time for spring VB! Hitting the road with me will be a few members of the Lady Aggie Tailgaters - and yes, we'll be set up for a breakfast tailgate somewhere near McKale Center on Saturday morning.

As was mentioned in the Daily Aggie this morning, there have been some changes to the 'tournament'. Two teams dropped out which means the schedule for play changed as well. According to Coach Jordan, the Aggies and Wilcats will play a best of 5 Saturday morning starting at 10am, then break for lunch and then come back for another best of 5 in the afternoon. If you're heading out, look for the blue canopy in a parking lot somewhere near the Center.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Spring Volleyball/Other Updates

The Lady Aggies will head to Tucson for the Arizona Tournament being held Saturday, March 29th in Tucson. Right now, there are only 3 other teams listed for this event - Northern AZ, AZ State and U of AZ. There are a few Aggie faithful making the 4 hour trip to join up with the local AZ Aggies to watch the Ladies in action.

There is no word on when the new schedule will be released but if last year is any indication, look for it around the end of March or early April. As we've reported here, it's going to be a tough season with Stanford on the list in September.

If you read Coach Jordan's interview, you'll know that there was a rumor that the NCAA was considering some rule changes. They were approved last week. You can read them for yourself if you're interested. The biggest rule changes are:
*No more 30 points to win - 25 now  Continue Reading This Post >>

Saying goodbye to Debby Baker

It's hard to say goodbye to someone who's been such an amazing person when it comes to our Lady Aggie Volleyball program. As much as I hate to do it, I know it's for the better and that wonderful things are in store for Debby.

Debby has accepted the head coaching position at Southern Utah University - a program that is getting started again after being dropped in 1989. She has the opportunity to build the program from the ground up - players, coaches and staff. To me, that's the perfect scenario for your first head coaching job. With her experience and talent, I'm sure that the program will be one to reckon with in about 2 seasons. I wouldn't be surprised to see Southern Utah on a schedule for us down the road.

I'm not sure who will take over at Director of Volleyball Operations but I'll let you know.  Continue Reading This Post >>

End of the Year Volleyball Awards Banquet

We've never had an awards banquet or a year end wrap up! This year, we are. It's on Tuesday, January 29th, at the Fulton Center on the 3rd floor. The social hour starts at 6:30 pm with a no-host bar. Dinner and presentations to follow and the cost is $40 / person. RSVP to Debby Baker ( ) by the 25th!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you

From the LC Sun-News - VB Player's Father Killed in Plane Crash

All of us at Bleed Crimson send our thoughts and prayers to the Steinmetz Family tonight.

The Year That Was

It pains me to have to write this! It means the volleyball season is over. I just read Jordan Bostic's final entry and it hit home for me as well.

What a great year it was. We saw our Lady Aggies playing against some amazing teams - University of Texas, Nebraska and Louisville. We had to learn about a new offense - the 6:2. We watched new strategies. We learned new names. As fans, we saw our tailgates grow to amazing numbers. We saw a lot of new faces each night at the Pan Am. We met great fans from other schools.
We watched amazing teams during the WAC Tournament. We got to know a lot of team parents and had the chance to meet Coach Jordan's parents.

We got to see Jordan, Kim, Briana and Anna playing in their final season, Stevi Adams in her first season as an assistant coach, and even welcomed a new member to the volleyball family.  Continue Reading This Post >>

We have video for the Lady Aggie Volleyball!

I guess the pressure was on enough that now UT is going to be streaming the Aggie game, starting at 3:30pm. At least according to their website. It's free.

Cross your fingers!