Confessions of an NMSU Volleyball Addict

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Welcome to A New Little Aggie

Congratulations are in order for Coach Hardee and his wife, Dori. They welcomed their first child last night - Noah. He was 8 pounds, 3 ounces. All are doing well!

Lady Aggies vs. Idaho (11/3)

If you are interested in watching some Aggie Volleyball tonight, log onto the Idaho Vandals website and buy the video for 6.99. Game time is 8pm.

Volleyball news and WAC Tourny Info

Tonight the Lady Aggies take on Boise State. Play by Play on AM 570 and live stats at They'll take on Idaho on Saturday and then Louisiana Tech on November 8th.

Senior Night will be November 11th when we take on Fresno State. This is a fun but emotional evening. We'll be saying goodbye to 4 seniors this year - Anna Callis, Briana Akrie, Kim Oguh and Jordan Bostic. If you've never been, please make plans to go.

The Tailgaters will be hosting a H U G E end of the year blowout tailgate and we'd love everyone to come by and say hi. We'll have the volleyball net set up, lots of munchies and mucho fun. Look for the blue canopy set up in the grass on the north side of the Pan Am.

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A Sea of Crimson and White in a Gym at UTEP

I'm just back from the match at UTEP and let me tell ya - the Aggie fans were out in large numbers and in force. We took up over half of the seating on the large bleachers and half of the end court bleachers as well. Not only were we well represented but man, were we L O U D!!! Those poor UTEP cheerleaders had no idea of what to make of us and pretty much gave up when they had to cheer in front of us. Our cheerleaders were great and cheered their hearts out with us!!

It was weird being back in that gym again. About *cough cough* years ago, I attended my very first college volleyball game at the gym. I didn't get hooked on it for whatever reason. The gym still looks exactly the same, too.

It was a good match for the #13 Aggies - their final game in the area until November 11th when they take on Fresno State at the Pan Am. This week they're on the road to play Boise State on Thursday, Idaho on Saturday and then over to Louisiana Tech on the 8th.
There will be more about the final match of the season coming up. It'll be senior *sniffle* night where we'll be saying goodbye to 4 spectacular Lady Aggies.

Old People Staying Up Late

At 6pm last night, over 20 folks gathered at Casa Brooks - tailgaters all - to enjoy amazing food, socializing and a LOT of coffee. My estimate is that we went through 5 pots of regular and about 5 of decaf in anticipation of making it to the 11pm tipoff time for the Lady Aggies in Hawaii.

Suffice to say we made it to gametime, which included a quick text message to Maria Roth to let her know we were gathered. We enjoyed seeing the NMSU contingency as well as the huge group of family/friends there to cheer on Krystal Torres. It was great to see Pistol Pete and the cheerleaders as well. They got quite a bit of coverage during the 1st and 3rd games. Thankfully, no Haka during the 2nd/3rd game break.

And we watched almost in silence. All of us expected the team to take it to at least 4 games. In the past meetings, we've gone to 5 with a tremendously exciting last few game 5 points. But it wasn't meant to be last night.  Continue Reading This Post >>

NMSU vs Hawaii....Part Deux

It's almost here. Game time. NMSU vs Hawaii, Part Deux/Dos/etc.

First, the most important piece of can watch online via the Hawaii Telecomm for only 9.99. The game starts at 10pm Las Cruces time, live and direct from Da Islands. If you'd rather listen, tune into AM 570 for Kyle and Jackie's play by play. I don't know where the live stats will be coming from so check out under the Fans section.

Some thing to note - We played Nebraska and lost in 3. Hawaii played Nebraska and lost in 3. If you look at the stats, we came out pretty much even. Bigger news is that Nebraska LOST to Texas the other night in 3. Who knows what this means...probably nothing at all.

Get yourselves ready for the game - get your Crimson and White shirts all washed, pick up your favorite fast food and get all your friends together. Us tailgaters are getting together at Casa De Brooks for our usual tailgating festivities. If you're in Las Cruces, leave me a comment if you'd like to join in. Of course, I do have to know you.... :)

GO AGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya know, #18 is a nice number...

But 13 is even sweeter!

The AVCA poll was just released and the Aggies moved from 18 to 13!! Check it out for yourself -


Nevada came to town one night...

I've been thinking alot about what to say in this entry.

I could sit here and say that the team fell apart and almost let Nevada win, or that Nevada came in to hand the Aggies their heads on a platter and almost did.

From a fan perspective, I think we in the stands let the team down. If you've been to a game, you'll know that we can get a little rowdy. Our "Tailgater" section was right in there - especially after our esteemed leader won the Mr. Aggie contest. But when it came to game 4 and 5, we missed the boat.  Continue Reading This Post >>

The History of Aggie Volleyball and the AVCA

Our illustrious editor (is that what we call him?) gave me this idea for today's entry. Actually, I'd just done this research for my own information but thought I'd share the wealth.

AVCA - American Volleyball Coaches Association - has been ranking teams for quite a while. On their website, their poll archives go back to 1982. Taking a look through the polls, we find:

NMSU was ranked in 2006 and 1986. In 2006, our highest ranking was 19. In 1986, we traded back and forth between 18 and 19 for 4 weeks.

That means our ranking yesterday ties for our highest.

Now - here's the interesting thing. I don't mean to bring up that college in the northern part of the state but I will. UNM saw quite a run in the late 80's/early 90's. From 1988 to 1994 they were consistantly in the poll, their highest rank was 8. Yes. #8. And the way things are going this year for them, I wouldn't be surprised to see them show up in the polls again.

Coming up this week -
It seems that the Aggie bonfire and the Nevada game have been scheduled at the same time on Thursday. What to do, what to do? I'd suggest going to the volleyball game (of course) because this NEVADA. Yes. They're coming. As much as we always emphasize the Hawaii game, the Nevada game is just as important. I won't rehash old news but suffice to say we need a lot of yelling and screaming in the Pan Am. Besides, it's Homecoming. What else is there to do? :)

Aggie Volleyball continues to climb in the AVCA Poll

The weekly AVCA poll is out - the fan-tabulous Lady Aggies are now #18!!!