Confessions of an NMSU Volleyball Addict

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Let's Hear It For Aggie Volleyball!

The AVCA poll was just released.

The Lady Aggies moved up to #20!!!


Much has happened in Aggie Land!

GAME UPDATE: will have the live video of the game tonight for 4.95.

It's been a little bit since I've updated here. In the past week, we've seen visits from Boise State and Idaho. The match that stands out for me (aside from last night's which I'll get to in a minute) is the Idaho match. The quote from the Sun News after the match says it all. "There is a 10 minute break between the second and third games, and their performance in the second game earned a speech in the lockerroom from head coach Mike Jordan." If you were at the game, watching Coach during the 2nd game was a little scary. Suffice to say, what ever was said in the locker room jolted the team back into reality and saw them win games 3 and 4 30-16, 30-14.  Continue Reading This Post >>

What Started Out As An Amazing Day......

....ended with congratulations being handed to the Hawai'i fans sitting in front of us...and with us scratching our heads.

From the highs of tailgating with about 75 folks, playing volleyball and face painting by Amber Simpson's sister (among many other activities) to a 3 hour game in which the Lady Aggies just didn't hang on long enough - it was an amazing day.

The crowd was absolutely on fire and I take issue with the official attendance record. According to the final stats, just over 4200 folks were at the Pan Am. Ridiculous and insane. The lower bowl was full. There had to have been at least 6,000 people there. At Least.
So, whoever's doing the official headcount needs to re-think how they're counting.

Onto the match - as usual, we were seating in 'enemy territory'. The Tailgaters always sit behind the opponent bench. Why? I don't know but we always have. So that meant 2 1/2 rows of Hawaii fans in front of us.  Continue Reading This Post >>

For Those of you who can't make it to the Volleyball Match

It looks like Aggie Access will be carrying the video, at least according to

Less than 24 hours until Hawaii

Here's the day that us die-hard volleyball fans wait for. This is the day we look for when we get the volleyball schedule. This is the day that we pull out the stops.

Hawaii is here.

Since I *KNOW* you're planning on being at the Pan Am center tonight for the game, here's what you need to know:

1. The Volleyball Fan-Atics are hosting a Tailgate which starts at 1pm. Yes. 1pm. 2 grills, tons of food and games as well.
2. The doors open at 6pm and the first 3,000 fans get Pom Poms for the game.
3. There will be a poster creation station inside the Pan Am - there might also be one at the Tailgate. Bring your crayons.
4. We want to Crimson Out the Pan Am - so NO GREEN IS ALLOWED!
5. The attendance record is 7,115. We're going to break it tomorrow but we need you there!!!!

Tickets are $6 for adults, $3 for the kids. SIDEOUT MEMBERS: There will be a get together after the game where we will celebrate our victory!!

Altermatt named WAC Volleyball Player of the Week/Top 25 News!

Congratulations to Krista Altermatt, sophomore outside hitter, on being named WAC Player of the Week! Krista had an outstanding night vs. Fresno State last week. You can read more about it -

Also, congratulations to the Lady Aggies and the Coaching staff for breaking into the AVCA Top 25 this week! The Aggies are ranked #25. I guess it's an early birthday present for Coach Jordan who blows out ?? number of candles tomorrow (9/18).

We've got a huge week coming up and need everyone ready to go for some serious volleyball. Utah State comes to town on Thursday, gametime 7pm at the Pan Am. It doesn't look like there's any radio available for it according to the website. Hopefully that will change.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Ah! Tis a Sweet Victory

This will be short and sweet - What a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

The Lady Aggies SWEPT..yes..SWEPT the Nevada Wolfpack on the volleyball court today - 30-25; 30-21; 30-27.


A Weekend in Nebraska

My last entry included my enthusiasm on heading to Nebraska to cheer on our Lady Aggies. I was so excited in being able to go on my first road trip with the team and see them play the powerhouses that were waiting for them. For me, it wasn't meant to be. I won't go into details but suffice to say I was extremely sad (a HUGE understatement) when I had to make the decision to return from Denver to Albuquerque after getting ill on the El Paso/Denver flight.

Luckily for me, I was able to track the team during their Louisville match on Friday via my laptop (live stats) and AM 570. It was quite a scene with me on my 'ill bed' with the laptop and the radio with the volume all the way up. I was able to catch the end of the 3rd match up to that absolutely amazing 5th game when the Lady Aggies topped Louisville 21-19. As bad as I was feeling I was able to do a quick "Kimmie Dance" before needing to pass out. (Kimmie Dance - if you've seen Kim Oguh after she's made a kill, you'll understand the Kimmie Dance.)

Saturday rolled around and I quickly tuned in at 6pm to hear the end of the Louisville/Duke game - which Louisville won and that bodes well for the Aggies. We beat them, they beat the #11. After a very long pre-game show (I believe Kyle said it was 75 minutes), we were off and running.  Continue Reading This Post >>

How do you describe such an intense game?

I have never ever been a part of such an electric crowd. Sure, the Hawaii game at Las Cruces HS last October was completely amazing but this game against the Lobos was different. The crowd of 1941 was on fire from the first serve to the last point. It sure didn't feel like only 1941 folks in the Pan Am. It sounded like a sell out. Of course it also helps when Coach turns around to the crowd and waves his arms up and down to get us even more into the game.

And we were still rockin' at the Sideout Club.

This game was nothing like the games against UNM in the past. This team was on it and coming at us. Their fans were on it as well - the joys of sitting in front of them! Don't worry - we had a great time drowning them out. Their new head coach Jeff Nelson has whipped them into shape and make them an actual volleyball team.  Continue Reading This Post >>

It's Good To Be Back At The Pan Am

It wasn't so much that we won against Texas Southern on Sunday. It was more of what we saw on the court that impressed the majority of die-hard Aggie volleyball fans. And, in speaking to Coach Jordan after the game, I told him that I was really impressed. With what you say?

The position depth of this team.

With the 4th game in 3 days, Coach Jordan showcased (for lack of a better word) some of his new talent. Lindsey Yon, who had a great weekend, wasn't even in uniform. As she is still re-habbing her right arm, she was wearing what I think was an electro-therapy 'thingy'. (I'm not a doctor and don't play one on tv.) We saw Kim, Briana and Jordan for 2 games, Krystal and Krista for 1.  Continue Reading This Post >>